What Do I Need To Do To Graduate?

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Follow these steps, and you will be ready to walk in May:
(candidates who finish in December 2007, May 2008  & Summer 2008)

  • Fill out and turn in your “Application for Graduation” with OSA.  OSA will review your transcript and notify you on your graduation eligibility.

  • Check your Degree Audit Report, completed by the Graduation Office,  for accuracy.

  • As an Undergraduate student, you must have 128 credits to graduate. As a Graduate student, you must have your appropriate credits to graduate, check with your school.

  • Check that all of your grades and/or incomplete grades from previous semesters are posted accurately.

  • Check in with your departmental advisor and confirm that your major and/or concentration requirements are complete or are being completed.
  • Confirmed that your  major/concentration/minor declaration is correct.

  • Review your permanent and local mailing addresses through  myPace Portal to be sure they are accurate. Provide your non-Pace email address there as well, since your Pace email address will be deactivated. If this information is not accurate, it will delay graduation information from reaching you or your parent/guardian.

  • If you finished your last class in December 2007, or are finishing up by May 2008 or Summer 2008 then you should start thinking about Commencement.  

  • Order your commencement attire, https://www.herffjones.com/college/graduation/  by March 14th, plus your personalized invitations, ring, and diploma frame.

  • Read your commencement instructions!

  • Attend Senior/Graduate Day on Tuesday, February 5  from 3pm—5pm  in the Gottesman Room at the Kessel Student Center, Westchester Campus and on Wednesday, February 6  from 12pm—2 pm in the Eddie Layton Student Union, New York Campus where you will have a chance to  meet with all the departments you may need to see before you graduate. Such as— Student Accounts, School Advisor and Alumni Affairs.  Also, you can see samples of all the Herff-Jones merchandise and order your cap & gown!

  • Order your yearbook and Pace school ring.

  • After graduation, make an appointment with the Alumni Relations office to obtain your  Alumni Photo ID Card. Learn about this and other alumni benefits and resources at /alumni.

  • Pay all balances on all of your accounts (including the library).

  • Complete your  exit interview if you  received financial aid.

  • Set a place to meet  your family following  University Commencement (the ceremony takes approximately 2.5 hours).