Faculty Participation

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Two Steps to Commencement Participation

Step 1
Confirm your attendance by completing the Online Faculty Response Form.

Step 2
Order your cap and gown online.

Dear Colleague,

Welcome back to Pace after what I hope was a respite over the January break.  It may seem early to be writing to you about the 2006 Commencement, but we are beginning our planning now to ensure that graduation is a wonderful event.

Commencement is a special day for each of us, our students and their families.  Graduation is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our students.  In many ways, I believe that graduation is the ultimate symbol of the students' and our achievements.  As a faculty member, your presence at Commencement is an important acknowledgement of their achievements and an opportunity to honor them and their families, to share their joy and to wish them well as they move on. This is particularly evident in this year of our Centennial Celebration.

This year we have changed the procedure somewhat. Your commencement response information and cap and gowns order form will be done on-line.   Please respond to the commencement links that are provided below for your response to the various commencements and to order your cap and gown.  The deadline date to order your gown is Friday, March 24, 2006.  We wish now to inform you that if you miss the March 24th deadline date, you will have to incur the full cost of the cap and gown rental fees because of the extra cost to the University for late orders.  The approximate cost is $60 depending on your degree and institution.  So please comply with the request concerning the deadline date.
I am requesting that you make every effort to attend Commencement and the other festive activities.  I look forward to seeing you there to share this day with our graduates and their families.  This year will be even more special as it will mark the continuation of some new traditions.  The Westchester commencement will once again be held on the Pleasantville campus and the New York City Commencement, once again at Radio City Music Hall.  Both celebrations will once again acknowledge undergraduates and graduate students separately.  This should allow us to have more meaningful and personalized ceremonies.

Thank you for your prompt response and your concern for our students.


Joseph C. Morreale, Ph.D.
Provost & Executive Vice President For Academic Affairs