Harriet Mayor Fulbright Citation

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May 22 , 2006

Harriet Mayor Fulbright
Doctor of Humane Letters

Opportunity is an invitation to betterment for all who seek it. You, Harriet Mayor Fulbright, helped to provide opportunity to thousands of scholars by supporting the ideal of international education with unsurpassed dignity, leadership, and commitment to excellence. Dedicated to the search for peaceful solutions to conflicts throughout the world, you and your husband, the late Senator J.William Fulbright, traveled the globe to share this ideal with the best and brightest students.
Promoting education, the arts, and communication among international communities, you represent the ideals and goals of the Fulbright Program through support of educational exchanges. Since 2002, 16 Pace University students have been honored to become Fulbright Fellows working, studying, and learning as global citizens in Albania, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, the Philippines, South Korea, Macedonia, and Tunisia. The opportunity for international education and support they receive as Fulbright scholars is invaluable.

With a bachelor’s degree from Radcliffe College and a master’s degree in fine arts from George Washington University, you have educated students of all ages, both in the United States and abroad. You were an English professor in Seoul, South Korea, and you taught non-English speaking students to read, write, and speak English in Moscow. You also shared the adventure of art with students in Bedford, New York, and at American University in Washington, D.C., and for five years you were chair of the art department at Maret School. Later, you became the first assistant director of the Congressional Arts Caucus; were appointed executive secretary of the International Congress of Art Historians at the National Gallery’s Center for the Advanced Study of the Arts; advocated educational reform and teacher training as president of the Center for Arts in Basic Curriculum; headed the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities; and chaired the International Child Art Foundation.

Your devotion to the arts, to international education, and to the ideal of peaceful coexistence among global communities has been recognized through many prestigious awards and honors. You are recipient of the 1989 Maharishi Award for contributions to international understanding through education; 1994 Young Audiences Honoree of the Year; 1997 El Orden de Manuel Amador Guerrero, Panama’s highest civilian award; 2000 Fulbright Award for Contribution to International Understanding; 2002 Middle Cross of the Order of Merit award from the Republic of Hungary; 2004 Hubert H. Humphrey Humanities Award; 2005 Person of the Year award from Rotary International; and 2005 Cassandra Pyle Award from the National Association of Foreign Students Affairs. Today, you continue to expand your own life work, and the vision of Senator Fulbright, through the J. William and Harriet Fulbright Center, an organization dedicated to world peace through education, interaction, and engagement.

For promoting international education, overseeing the investment of ideas that benefit the world and providing opportunity for those who seek it; in recognition of your service to humankind and your keen ability to bring people from disparate cultures together to seek common ground; and for your continued involvement in the Fulbright program, Pace University proudly confers upon you, Harriet Mayor Fulbright, the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters, honoris causa, with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereunto.