Chinese Cultural Courses

Cultural Classes

We are not offering any new classes this summer.  Please check back later in the summer for our Fall 2013 class schedule. 

Wudang Qigong: An opportunity to experience life as a unified whole, to feel lovingly connected to the web of life, Wudang Qigong is a powerful bridge between the traditional world of pathology and the world of energy medicine.  Master Linhai, will teaches this traditional Chinese holistic healing of both the body and mind.
Come and join us to transform your heavy physical and emotional strains into nourishing life energy

Ba Duan Jin: A health exercise practiced since ancient times in China.  It is a great way to release stress after working hard and when you are under pressure, and can improve your flexibility. 

Chinese Calligraphy: This course introduces the ancient art of brush writing. Calligraphy is not only an art, but also a holistic exercise which involves the mind, body, and spirit. Functioning as a form of meditation, calligraphy can help with concentration and relaxation. Students in this course will learn to write characters with basic strokes and techniques. Students will also learn the history, basic scripts, styles, and aesthetics of calligraphy. This hands-on course will help students enjoy the beauty of calligraphy and create their own works of art.

Taiji: Taiji Quan is a traditional Chinese martial art of self-defense and physical fitness. This course is based on a system of Taiji Quan designed for modern people’s busy lifestyles. Training consists of practicing form and studying anatomy, which allows the practitioner to understand body physics and breath control. Students will also become familiar with the applications of oncoming force and energy and Qigong training to cultivate the mind state of Taiji Quan.

Customer-designed “Take-out” Chinese Culture Classes: These courses are designed for our clients who are interested in Chinese culture or need intensive training for travel or work. We offer courses such as Chinese Business Culture, Traditional Chinese Customs, Introduction to Chinese History, and Chinese Educational Practices. The schedule and location are flexible. We can go to your organization to teach the course.