Pace CI provides a variety of non-credit Chinese (Mandarin) language courses. Our courses are fun, dynamic, inspiring, practical, and easy. We incorporate games, Chinese opera, shadow puppetry, music, humor, and films into teaching Chinese.  Unless otherwise mentioned, all classes take place in the Pace CI Conference Room (Room 401), 41 Park Row, 4th Floor.

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Mandarin Chinese

This non-credit course sequence is designed for students and professionals who have a busy schedule and want to pass the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK). The course trains students in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Mandarin Chinese Level 1 – A

This course is designed for beginners who have no Chinese learning experience. Students will learn basic Chinese expressions, greetings, farewells, nationalities, and numbers. Focusing on oral and listening skills, the class covers the Mandarin phonetic system (Pinyin), reading, writing simple Chinese characters, and basic grammar. 

Prerequisites: None

Mandarin Chinese Level 1 – B
This class will continue to focus on speaking. Students will learn sentences and vocabulary related to such topics as family, friends, transportation, and directions. Reading comprehension, writing, grammar, and the Pinyin system will also be covered.  

Prerequisites: 12 hours learned or 50 words mastered


Mandarin Chinese Level 1 – C

The class will help you improve your spoken Chinese, and understand more complex topics such as the weather, time, and shopping. By the end of this class, you will have learned 150 Chinese words, basic grammar, the Pinyin system, and how to write simple characters.

Prerequisites: 24 hours learned or 100 words mastered


Mandarin Chinese Level 2

Prerequisites: 36 hours learned or 150 words mastered

Dates:  August 2-23
Time:  Sats. 4:00-7:00 PM 








Mandarin Chinese Level 3-B

Dates:  July 16-23
Time:  Weds. 1:30-4:30 PM 




Mandarin Chinese Advanced I (Levels 3-4)

Prerequisites: 800 words mastered




Mandarin Chinese Advanced II (Levels 5-6)

Prerequisites: 3000 words mastered





Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Intensive Training

This class will help you fully prepare for the HSK.  By practicing with simulative or real tests, you will gain familiarity with test patterns, explore questions you feel are difficult, and develop language skills necessary for the test.  Our ultimate goal is to help you pass the HSK.  

One-on-One Intensive Chinese Tutoring

Contents: Based on customers' needs
Time: Flexible

Professional "Take-out" Chinese

This course is particularly designed for professionals in fields such as finance, medicine, and tourism, who want to know Mandarin for their work.  The schedule, location, and content are flexible.  We can go to your organization to teach the course.

For Credit Chinese

This course, taught by Pace CI teachers and offered in collaboration with Pace University's Dyson College Department of Modern Language and Culture, is a language "lab" for matriculated undergraduate students at Pace who are already taking for-credit Chinese courses.  Students who wish to take this class should sign up as they would for any for-credit course at the university. 

CHI 101 

For students who have little or no knowledge of Chinese.  An introduction to the fundamentals of Chinese, including introductory readings.

This is only a lab section, students must also sign up for the lecture, CRN 70329.

CHI 102 (A continuation of CHI 101)

Prerequisites: CHI 101 or 2 years of high school Chinese.

This is only a lab section, students must also sign up for the lecture, CRN 7278