Philosophy, Culture & Values

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Our Philosophy

Chinese culture is based on harmony, peace, and kindness (“和为贵”). In Chinese thought, all human beings are regarded as part of the larger family of humanity. The highest state for Chinese humanity to reach is as a single community, the world belonging to everyone(“天下为公”). Therefore, rather than only functioning as a language and cultural center, Pace CI has devoted itself to building a home for the global family, an international place for people to gather to learn about Chinese language and culture. Under such circumstances, people can learn from each other, grow together, and even help usher in a new era of global citizenship.

We fully understand that we are living in an era of globalization. Our world is rapidly being transformed into a single economic and social space. We face many difficulties and challenges which we need to overcome together. In the global village, cultural understanding is pivotal for human beings to co-exist. We believe that language and cultural learning is the best way to minimize the cultural gap among different peoples, strengthen mutual understanding, and build strong relationships among countries. By offering language courses, cultural activities, and other services to the community, the Pace CI can be a bridge for cross-cultural communication and cooperation.

Confucius was a sage who not only belongs to China but also to the world. His many thoughts still have a great influence on today’s cultural practices. The essence of Confucian thought is “Ren,” benevolence or universal love. As a great philosopher, educator, and statesman, Confucius devoted his whole life to achieving two goals through education: cultivation of the ideal person (君子), and a harmonious society governed by virtue (仁政).Hisphilosophy, which emphasized personal and governmental morality, respect for humanity, justice, peace, and sincerity, is universal. Confucius, “the teacher of all ages,”is not only the namesake of our institute but is also the role model for our behavior and values, influencing the nature of our education, teaching methods and philosophy. 

“Learn from the sage, bridge cultures, and serve the community” is the motto for our institute. The ultimate goals for the Pace CI are to provide high-quality Chinese language and cultural education, to build up cultural understanding among people, and to construct a harmonious society and a beautiful world.

Culture and Values

Culture is defined as a group’s shared beliefs, customs, and behavior. The culture of the Confucius Institute, the soul of our organization, is critical to achieve success.

The values of our institute are:     

•         Respect
•         Care
•         Professionalism
•         Creativity
•         Growth
•         Excellence

With deep respect and loving care towards each other, we aim to build up the Pace CI into a harmonious community with a dedication to learning and growth, a grand vision, and a commitment to quality, creativity, and excellence. Our staff help make this vision a reality, achieving success through diligent work and a high level of professionalism. As a staff we are committed to play an important role in Chinese language and cultural education in the Greater New York area