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Whether you aim to immerse yourself in the Chinese language or you seek opportunities for career advancement, Pace CI can help you to achieve your goals through a wide variety of programs. Our programs integrate Chinese language and cultural learning, cultural exchange, career training, Chinese proficiency testing, and study in China into one system, which we call the Chinese Learning System.

We believe that the best way of learning a new language and culture is to live in that cultural environment. Therefore, we have created a Chinese language and cultural environment in the center of New York City using our Chinese Learning System. More specifically, the system allows you to enter the world of Chinese language and culture by taking courses at your own pace, attending cultural symposiums and workshops, practicing Chinese language in a fun and interactive way at our “Chinese Corner,” taking advantage of our library and resource center, and obtaining scholarships to study in China.

Our pedagogy is based on holistic education, combining both Western and Eastern cultural and educational traditions, emphasizing fun and practice. Some unique features of our curriculum are:

  1. A mini-step approach to achieve a long term goal. Unlike conventional language courses, our courses are designed to be short, students take only 12 class hours in four weeks; yet, all courses are designed in sequence to build up the learner’s proficiency. This design allows those with a busy schedule to study at their own pace.

  2. Standards-based classes. Our Chinese language courses match the standards of Chinese proficiency tests, such as the HSK, BCT, and YCT. We help our students master Chinese communication skills while enabling them to pass these tests, and earn scholarships to study in China.

  3. Integrating multimedia technology into our curriculum. Because of our unique partnership with a publishing company, we develop our own language learning materials using the latest technology, allowing our students to continue learning the language at any place or time.

  4. Innovative approaches to teaching with small classes to achieve high quality learning. By adopting a fun, dynamic, student-centered, practical, and fully immersive approach, we have created a “smart” way to learn Chinese.

The ultimate goal for the Pace CI is to provide high-quality Chinese language and cultural education programs with an integrative pedagogy and innovative approaches that will help our students become global citizens so that they can meet all the challenges of today’s society.