On-line Resources

There are many resources available on the internet on the topics of Chinese language and culture education to help facilitate understanding of Chinese Language and Culture. Here are some Chinese language learning links

Website for Hanban

Website for Confucius Institutes Online

American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages

Free Chinese courses from MIT

FSI Language Courses, developed by the United States for Foreign Service Institute.
Includes recordings and e-textbook

Enter Zon video game to learn Chinese (Pinyin only, Not for beginners)

Learn a new Chinese word every day

A very good Chinese dictionary which allows you to search in pinyin, draw Chinese characters and search in English

A good website to learn about Chinese language & culture. The contents include information on classical Chinese art,
calligraphy, poetry, history, literature, painting and philosophy.

Free, downloadable,Chinese software to type Chinese characters.

Chinese Cultural Experience Center

Come visit our Chinese Cultural Experience Center at 41 Park Row - experience a “virtual visit to China” using our state-of-the-art plasma touch screens, enjoy a cup of tea, and browse our growing library of resources on Chinese history, folk tales, philosophy, language, and more.