Testing Center

Chinese Proficiency Tests

To help our students learn Chinese, we provide three kinds of tests twice a year at all levels offered: The Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK), Business Chinese Test (BCT), and Youth Chinese Test (YCT). 


Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK): Known as the “Chinese TOEFL”, the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) (中国汉语水平考试) is China's national standardized test designed and

developed by the HSK Center of Beijing Language and Culture University to assess the Chinese language proficiency of non-native speakers. The newly-launched online version of the HSK test we hold is more reliable, flexible, convenient and efficient than the paper-based one.  The New HSK is divided into 6 levels. The results of the test serve several purposes:

1. A reference for an educational institution’s decision-making concerning recruiting students, assigning students to different classes, allowing students to skip certain courses and giving students academic credits.
2. A reference for employers’ decision-making concerning the recruitment, training and promotion of test takers.
3. A method for Chinese language learners to assess and improve their proficiency in Chinese.
4. A method for Chinese language training institutions to evaluate training results.

We will be offering the HSK at our test center on October 20th and December 1st in the fall of 2013. 

For more information and to register please visit: http://www.chinesetest.cn/getkdinfo.do?id=2196073

Business Chinese Test (BCT): The Business Chinese Test (BCT) is China’s national standardized test designed to assess the Chinese proficiency of non-native speakers

engaged in business activities. BCT is developed by Peking University under the entrustment of Hanban.BCT assesses the communicative ability of test takers using Chinese in a wide range of business-related and social situations. The test focuses on practicality and communication. This test consists of two relatively independent parts: Listening & Reading and Speaking & Writing. Test takers may sit for one or both of them at a time. There is no requirement for the test taker’s age or education. Hanban is the supervisor of the Business Chinese Test, and the issuer of the "Business Chinese Test Certificate."

For more information and to register, please visit: http://www.chinesetest.cn/getkdinfo.do?id=2196073



Youth Chinese Test (YCT): The new YCT is an international standardized test of Chinese language proficiency. It assesses young foreign students' abilities to use Chinese in their daily and academic lives. The new YCT consists of a writing test and a speaking test, which are independent of each other.

We will be offering the YCT at our test center on November 16th in the fall of 2013. 

For more information and to register, please visit: http://www.chinesetest.cn/getkdinfo.do?id=2196073


Chinese Cultural Experience Center

Come visit our Chinese Cultural Experience Center at 41 Park Row - experience a “virtual visit to China” using our state-of-the-art plasma touch screens, enjoy a cup of tea, and browse our growing library of resources on Chinese history, folk tales, philosophy, language, and more.