Access Power Queries


Course: Access Power Queries

Getting the information you need from your database is an important measure of its power - and also a measure of your own mastery of the program.

In this one-day course you will increase the scope and power of your Access queries, using advanced selection criteria, wildcards, queries involving calculations, the Query Wizard, cross tabulations, an introduction to SQL, sub-queries, nested sub-queries and more.  This course offers great value to the Access database user.

Course Details


Start Date: May 20, 2014
Fee: $250.00
Number of Sessions: 1
Course Location: 1 Martine Avenue, White Plains, NY


Course Description

Access Power Queries is a one day course designed for individuals who know the fundamentals of Access, but would like to enhance their knowledge of queries. This course concentrates on using the power of the database program to extract information. Students will learn how to design advanced queries using functions and set criteria to isolate data. Action queries, joins, and the find unmatched and find duplicates query designs round out the content. 


You Will Learn To

  • Review select Queries and Criteria
  • Use Functions for Criteria
  • Wildcards
  • Calculate fields in Queries
  • Learn enhanced functions
  • Query Wizard including finding duplicate records, unmatched records
  • Cross tabulations using a wizard and without a wizard
  • Update Query, Make-Table Query, Append Query, and Delete Query
  • Use Inner Joins, Outer Joins, Self Joins, Relationships Window, Unlinked table in a Query
  • Switch the data source for a report or a form
  • Use SQL for Criteria
  • Sub-Queries, Nested sub-queries, Union Queries

Who Should Enroll

Access users who have mastered basic queries.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Access or equivalent experience.



Course Format

One Day (9am- 4pm); offered Monday-Friday; Instructor-led.
COST: $250



Please contact us at (888) 561-7223 () or

Course Outline for Access Power Queries

  • Select Queries
  • Yes/No Fields
  • Null and the NZ() Function
  • In ()
  • The Wildcards
Calculated Fields
  • The Database, Format and iif Functions
  • The Count (*) Function
Query Wizards
  • The Find Duplicates Query Wizard
  • The Unmatched Query Wizard
  • Cross tabulations
  • Switching Rows into Columns
Action Queries
  • The Update Query
  • The Make-Table Query
  • The Append Query
  • The Delete Query
  • Inner Joins
  • Outer Joins
  • Self joins
  • The Relationships Window
  • Referential Integrity
  • Using Unlinked Tables in Queries
  • Switching the Source for a Report
Sub-Queries and SQL
  • Sub-Queries
  • Nested Sub-Queries
  • The Union Query
  • Top # and Top # Percent