Advanced PowerPoint


Course: Advanced PowerPoint

Once you have learned to create a basic PowerPoint presentation, what else is there to learn?   The answer - quite a lot!

Advanced PowerPoint introduces a number of topics that will make your presentations even better - using the Animation feature, inserting audio and video clips, embedding a You-Tube video, creating and inserting Smart-Art graphics, formatting and inserting charts to support your preesentation, and raising your design to the highest level, using themes and templates.  In one day you will develop your PowerPoint skills to the highest level.

Course Details


Start Date: Please Call for Dates
Fee: $275.00
Number of Sessions: 1
Course Location: 1 Martine Ave., White Plains, NY 10606


Course Description

This course is for people who can already create simple presentations, and want to add more sophistication to their slides and shows. You will use interactive features of PowerPoint, embed sounds, videos and images, set up and manage custom slide shows, and more.


You Will Learn To

  • Animate your presentation
  • Add and trim audio and video clips
  • Embed a YouTube video
  • Create and format SmartArt graphics
  • Create, format and embed charts
  • Customize your presentation with themes, masters, custom shows and templates.

Who Should Enroll

PowerPoint users who want to expand their knowledge.

Prerequisite: Introduction to PowerPoint or working knowledge of PowerPoint.



Course Format

One Day (9am- 4pm); offered Monday-Friday; Instructor-led.
COST: $275



Please contact us at (888) 561-7223 () or

Course Outline for Advanced PowerPoint

Customizationing and Animating a Slide Show
  • Slideshow
  • Slideshow Variations
  • Custom Shows
  • Transition
  • Animation of Text and Objects
  • Custom Animations
  • Using Animation Pane
  • Animation Painter
Video and Audio in a Presentation
  • Insert Audio and Videos
  • Change Audio and Video Options
  • Trim an Audio or Video Clip
  • YouTube Videos
Smart Art Graphics and Charts
  • Convert to a SmartArt Graphic
  • Create differenet Types of Smart Art Graphics
  • Create Data and Charts in PowerPoint
  • Inserting a Chart From Excel
Customizing the Presentation
  • Themes and Backgrounds
  • Modifying and Enhancing Shapes
  • Applying Backgrounds
  • Masters
  • Custom Templates
  • Organizing Slides into Sections
Alternative Saving Methods
  • Saving Presentations in Different Forms
  • Compressing Pictures
  • Creating a PowerPoint Show
  • Saving as a Video
  • Packaging Presentations
Final Presentations
  • Lab Review