Certificate in Adobe Web Design

Certificate in Adobe Web Design


The core of this program will cover Adobe Creative Cloud software tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Acrobat PDF. Students will learn proper Adobe workflow processes and best practices to design, create, build dynamic websites and learn how to export content for print and digital outputs. Students will learn the concepts, tools and techniques to create responsive designs for the web and digital devices such as iPads, tablets and smart phones.

This comprehensive, hands-on course delivers 85 hours of instructor led classroom time by Adobe Certified Instructors. The class is supplemented with outside class assignments and finishes with real world, leading edge projects created by students. The learning objectives of our programs are to develop technology skills and soft skills of student learners to enable them to plan, design, build and maintain digital content for the web.

Course Details









Date:  March 23rd - July 29th,  2015

Days: 35 Sessions
Monday / Wednesday evenings - 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Fee: $2,950.00

Location: 1 Martine Avenue, White Plains, NY 10606

CRN: 90646

Date: March 24th - July 28th, 2015

Days: 35 Sessions
Tuesday / Thursday evenings - 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Fee: $2,950.00

Location: 551 Fifth Avenue, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10176

CRN: 90628

Date: March 28th,- August 1st, 2015

Days: 17 Sessions:
Saturday(s) - 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Fee: $2,950.00

Location: 551 5th Avenue, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10176

CRN: 90645


Course Description

This hands-on course delivers 85 hours of classroom instruction supplemented with outside class assignments. The learning objectives of the class are: to develop technology skills and soft skills of student learners to enable them to plan, design, build, promote and maintain a fully functional website. Each student will be required to build a complete website by the end of the course as a class project.

The course encompasses 4 major (overlapping) learning areas:

1. Software tools
Photoshop Creative Cloud for retouching and optimizing photos and other raster (pixel)-based graphic files
Illustrator Creative Cloud for creating vector graphics, including logos, posters and menus
Dreamweaver Creative Cloud for creating an HTML-CSS Website:
Adobe Bridge Creative Cloud for managing offline assets
Edge Animate for creating animations across all digital devices
Edge Reflow for creating responsive design and fluid grid layouts

2. Technologies
“Alphabet Soup” (HTML, CSS, JS, SWF, AS2,AS3, AJAX, PDF, XML, HTML5, CSS3)

3. Soft Skills
Interview a client, assess client’s needs and develop a custom Website plan
Plan and schedule the processes involved in developing a website from initial planning to final delivery, on your own or in a team environment
Identify web design best practices and intelligently discuss the pros and cons of various Web design and development options
Attract traffic to a website using leading web marketing resources, including Search Engines

4. Web Design and Functionality
Design and modify spot graphics of various kinds, including logos, banners, posters, post cards, thumbnails, etc.
Qualify for the advanced Adobe Web Design or Web Application Development certificate program (optional) in order to take your skills to the next level
Create a Website with the following functionality: animations, social media integration, Google maps, video, photo gallery, contact form and more

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You Will Learn To

Using several Adobe Software tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Adobe Edge Animate and Edge Reflow, students will learn how to PLAN - DESIGN - BUILD + MAINTAIN a fully functional website. Students will also learn how to FTP their website and content to a web hosting service: including how to add / host mulitple websites under a single domain name (folder).


Who Should Enroll

Students who are literate in PC or MAC based software and / or operating systems who want to learn how to build and manage websites. Anyone with a print background, graphic designers, photographers, developers, marketing and communications professionals looking to acquire a strong foundation of skills and knowledge in digital design or applying these skills to the web. Web entreprenuers, small business owners, freelancers and others looking to learn how to build and maintain websites and other digital content for the web will find this course to be invaluable! Must have knowledge of at least one Adobe tool. If you do not have experience, we offer the Adobe Workflow Essentials class to get started.


Course Format

The Certificate in Adobe Web Design class meets twice per week on Monday and Wednesday evenings in White Plains (Westchester Campus) OR Tuesday and Thursday evenings at our Midtown Campus (New York, NY ). This is an instructor-led course taught by Adobe Certified Expert instructors. Pace CPE (Pace Continuing Professional Education) is an Adobe Authorized Training Center.

Evening classes: 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm (2.5 hours) Five hours per week for 17 weeks. Total Adobe Web Design classroom hours - 85 hours.

We have a Saturday section available in White Plains for fall / winter 2015 session. Saturday Classes: 9:00 am to 3:00pm (5 hours - with lunch break) Five hours per week for 17 weeks. Total Adobe Web Design classroom hours - 85 hours.

COST: $2950



Please contact us at (888) 561-7223 or continuinged@pace.edu

Outline for Certificate in Web Design

Class 1
Digital Asset Management
Workflow for Digital Desktop Publishing
Bridge and metadata
Color management
Fonts management

Class 2
Camera raw
Adjustments in Camera Raw plugin
Retouching with Camera Raw plugin tools
Develop Techniques in Camera Raw for different looks

Class 3
Color correction
The correct way to use the Histogram
The correct way to use Photoshop Adjustments
Levels v/s Curves
Vibrance v/s Saturation
Color Balance for color cast
Color Correction with Selective color

Class 4
Retouching objects, hair, skin, clothes
Matching skin color, Makeup
Removing Moire
Retouching tools
Retouching using layers and mask
Tips & Tricks
Retouching photos with different looks
Sharpen images
Retouching perspectives

Class 5
Extract object from the background
Extract hair from the background
Creating hair

Class 6
Vanishing point & 3D
Creating textures and Lights
Creating Reflection and Shadows
Photomontage Coherence and techniques

Class 7
Special effects
Video editing in Photoshop

Class 8
Working with Illustrator
Creating graphics styles
Text Styles, text effects and Open type techniques
Creating Libraries for infographics

Class 9
Bristle Brushes
Brushes effects
Creative brushes

Class 10
Perspective drawing
Creating custom caricatures

Class 11
3D effects
Gradient mesh

Class 12
Designing Web pages
with Illustrator

Class 13
Working with InDesign
Setting Preferences for projects
Creating Layouts

Class 14
Creating text styles
Text frame options
Creating objects styles

Class 15
Templates and Snippet for newspapers and magazines
Photoshop and Illustrator integration
Fitting options

Class 16
Importing Microsoft Excel tables and word documents
Advanced Paragraph styles and Character Styles
Numbering & Sections options

Class 17
InDesign Interactive
Table of Contents
Media and Timing
Object States
PDF interactive publications

Class 18
Table of contents
Data merge, Data variables

Class 19
Acrobat PDF and Preflight
Preflight in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign
Edit Colors and Fonts
Flattener Preview
Separations Preview

Class 20
Dreamweaver CS5
- Web Planning Q&A
- Creating a site
- Looking at HTML screen
- Defining template

Class 21
- Working with Tables
- Adding pages
- Creating link

Class 22
FTP setup
- Web Planning Q&A
- Creating a site
- Looking at HTML screens
- Graphics

Class 23
- Defining a template
- Editable regions
- Creating Reusable content
- Anchored links
- Library items

Class 24
- Cascading Style Sheets
- Types of CSS
- Modifying CSS
- CSS lists

Class 25
- Class based CSS
- Attaching CSS to HTML pages
- Compound Tag CSS
- FTP to host server

Class 26
- CSS Templates
- Dividing a page into sections
- Creating a CSS layout from scratch

Class 27
- Compound Type (Hybrid) CSS
- Floats (no tables)
- CSS Enable / Disable
- AJAX / Spry Widget Drop-Down Menu
- Transfer local CSS to externally linked page

Class 28
Project Phase begins:
Adobe Edge Reflow

Class 29
Adobe Edge Reflow

Class 30
Adobe Edge Animate

Class 31
Adobe Edge Animate

Class 32
Adobe Edge Animate

Class 33
Adobe Edge Reflow / Animate

Class 34
Final Project(s) Due
Project Presentations -
Wrap up & Project review

Location: 1 Martine Ave, Suite 424 White Plains, NY 10606

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Location: 551 5th Ave (at 45th Street), 8th Floor, New York, NY 10176

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