CIA Exam Information

You could wait until 2013 to earn your CIA®...but you shouldn't.

The CIA Exam is changing its format in the July 2013.  But don't worry ---the IIA has a generous transition policy for those that do not complete all parts in the current version.  They are able to apply existing passed parts to the new exam. 

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Here are 3 great reasons why you should start TODAY!


1) Earn More Money
According to The IIA's 2012 Internal Audit Compensation Study (Study), the median salary of auditors who hold their CIA designation is as much as 40 percent higher than peers without the credential. Additionally, the Study found that internal auditors who are certified in one or more areas are paid more than their noncertified counterparts. The Study found that the median salary for noncertified internal auditors was $20,000 less than those who have earned a professional designation.

2) Get Part 4 Credit Before It's Gone!
When the CIA exam transitions from a 4-part exam to a 3-part exam in July 2013, no exam parts will be waived for other professional certifications held. If you are a CPA or hold another related credential, now is the time to get started and take advantage of the current Professional Recognition Credit for Part 4! As an added bonus, parts passed in the 4-part program will be transferrable to the new 3-part program. Learn more about the CIA transition plan today!

3) Get Started Worry-Free With The Learning System's Upgrade Guarantee
If you purchase the Learning System today but aren't able to complete the CIA exam in the 4-part program, you can upgrade to the 3-part training materials for free! Visit for complete details.