Inspecting Solar PV Systems


Inspecting Solar PV Systems


This course is an instructor-led, three day class will review the codes and standards containing detailed requirements for the proper design and installation of PV systems. This class is a must for those responsible for code enforcement, including municipalities and Department of Buildings inspectors. PV installers who wish to pursue additional PV - specific and electrical training and work closely with the local permitting and inspecting authorities to perform code-compliant installations will also benefit from this class.

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This class is offered for groups only.


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Course Description

Building officials must be familiar with Solar PV System installations and the code supporting them, since the number of these systems in their jurisdictions is constantly increasing. This class will provide building inspectors with the background needed to properly inspect the PV system installations they will encounter. The class will review the codes and standards containing detailed requirements for the proper design and installation of PV systems.

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You Will Learn To

  • Determine and understand how each part of a Solar PV systems interacts with the other parts
  • Understand the electric code requirements and see how a system meets those requirements
  • Read and evaluate plans and schematic drawings
  • Fully install two different mounting and installation systems

Who Should Enroll

Inspectors from the Buildings departments of small and large municipalities. Also benefitting will be PV installers who want to know exactly how their designs and installations will be inspected and evaluated.

Prerequisite: Solar PV Design and Installation Basics or equivalent knowledge.


Course Format

3 Days: 24 Hours; Offered Days, 9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Instructor led.

Cost: $1295 (Group Discount Offered)



Please contact us at (888) 561-7223 or

Outline for Inspecting Solar PV Systems

Mounting Systems
UL Requirements
Various methods and hardware
Proper Installation
Proper Grounding

Electrical Pt 1
Renewable Energy System Components
Photovoltaic Modules
Combiner Box
Charge Controller

Electrical Pt 2
Renewable Energy Components Cont’d
UL Equipments
NEC Requirements
IEEE Requirements

Electrical Components
AC / DC Disconnects
Means of Interconnection
System / Component Grounding
UL Requirements
NEC Requirements

Plan and Schematic Review
Plan Drawings
1 Line, 3 Line Electrical Drawings
String Diagrams
Full Installation
2-3 Different Mounting Systems
(2 ballasted flat roof, 1 roof racking)
2 Different PV systems
(1 central inverter, 1 micro inverter)



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