Intermediate Topics in Word


Course: Intermediate Topics in Word

This one day course is intended for beginning users of Word who want to extend and develop their skills. Participants will have the opportunity to learn more about how to format both short and long Word documents, as well as how to use indents, tabs, templates, and the Find and Replace feature.

The ability to create attractive and well-formatted documents is helpful to individuals in a wide variety of career paths.

Course Details


Start Date: Dec 5, 2013
Fee: $250.00
Number of Sessions: 1
Course Location: 1 Martine Avenue, White Plains, NY


Course Description

Best suited to those who have completed an Introduction to Word course (or hold equivalent knowledge) and are wishing to develop their skill set and proficiency with the program. Learn to become more efficient in formatting and managing your documents. Create muti-page documents, envelopes, labels and templates. Learn to format your documents using tabs,  and indents, inserting page numbers and headers and footers.  


You Will Learn To

  • Use Indents and tabs settings
  • Create envelopes and labels for mailings
  • Format multi-page documents
  • Use Find & Replace
  • Create templates
  • Manage your documents

Who Should Enroll

Best suited to those who have completed an Introduction to Word course or hold equivalent knowledge.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Word and familiarity with the Windows environment. Should know the keyboard and mouse functions.



Course Format

One Day (9am- 4pm); offered Monday-Friday; Instructor-led. Class runs from 9am-4pm.
COST: $250



Please contact us at (888) 561-7223 () or

Course Outline for Intermediate Topics in Microsoft Word

Using Indents and Tabs
  • Objectives
  • Indents and Tabs
  • Creating Tabs
  • Setting Tabs
Setting and Changing Tabs
  • Adding a Leader to a Tab
  • Indenting Text
  • Hanging Indents (Optional)
  • Setting an indent by using the TAB key (Optional)
Page Layout
  • Page Setup
  • Previewing a Document
  • Creating Envelopes and Labels
  • Creating a Single Envelope
  • Creating Labels
Multi-page documents
  • Moving Around a Multi-Page Document
  • Pagination
  • More Print Preview
  • Page Breaks
  • Printing Part of a Document
  • Inserting Page Numbers
  • Headers and Footers
Find and Replace
  • Finding Text
  • Search Options
  • Replacing Text
  • The Find Command and the Previous/Next Page Button (Optional)
  • Templates
  • Using a Pre-existing Template
  • Creating and Using a Custom Template
  • Creating a Template from an Existing Document 6-9
  • How to Edit a Template
  • Deleting a Custom Template
Managing your Documents
  • Managing Documents in Word 2010
  • The Open and Save As Dialog Boxes
  • Word Open Dialog Boxes in Windows XP
  • Viewing and Sorting the Document List
  • Sorting Documents in the Open or Save As Dialog Boxes
  • Creating a New Folder
  • Searching for Documents