Introduction to Excel


Course: Introduction to Excel

Excel is one of the most important programs used in business today. The ability to set up a spreadsheet, enter numerical data and labels, and perform calculations and analyses on that data is a set of skills that has moved many careers upward.

This two-day, 12 hour course provides a comprehensive introduction to the features and efficiencies of Excel. The power and ease of using Excel will impress you and provide great value at work and at home.

Course Details


Fee: $450.00
Number of Sessions: 2
Course Location: 1 Martine Avenue, White Plains, NY

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Course Description

A solid introduction for those new to spreadsheets, and for self-taught users wanting to enhance their knowledge. These courses focus on workspace familiarisation, creating and managing data, formatting worksheets, charting and using functions. 


You Will Learn To

  • Enter and edit values, labels and formulas
  • Save and retrieve worksheets and select ranges
  • Move around the worksheet
  • Change column widths and row heights
  • Insert and delete rows and columns
  • Format numbers
  • Copy and move data from one location to another using the menus,
  • Fill-handle and drag & drop
  • Save and retrieve worksheets
  • Enhance worksheets using borders, shading, fonts and autoformat
  • Print worksheets with headers, footers and borders
  • Work with multiple windows and manipulate them within the graphical
  • User interface of Windows
  • Create and print charts
  • Use the data management capabilities for sorting data
  • Enter formulas using the "built-in" functions

Who Should Enroll

For those new to spreadsheets, and for self-taught users wanting to enhance their knowledge.

Prerequisite: Comfortable using a PC, or familiarity with the Windows environment.



Course Format

Two Days (9am- 4pm); offered weekdays; Instructor-led. Class runs from 9am-4pm.
COST: $450



Please contact us at (888) 561-7223 () or

Course Outline for Introduction to Microsoft Excel

Excel Basics
  • Understanding Excel
  • The Excel Screen
  • Starting Excel
  • Parts of a Workbook
  • The Excel 2010 Interface
  • Moving about a Worksheet
Entering Data and Formulas
  • Entering Data
  • Saving a file with a New Name
  • Aligning Labels
  • Cell Ranges
  • Auto fill (Optional)
  • Formulas/Pointing/Editing
  • Changing Columns Widths/Row Heights
  • Shortcut Menus
  • Inserting/Deleting Columns/Rows
  • Totals and Visual Totals
  • Formatting Values, Dates, Times
  • Selecting Large Blocks of Data
  • Fonts, Borders, Fills, Mini-Toolbar
  • Cell Styles, Galleries, Preview, and Themes
  • Print Area, Page Layout View
  • Zooming, Centering, Landscape
  • Headers/Footers
  • Printing Multi-Width Sheets
  • Multi-Width Sheets
  • Page Breaks/Preview
  • Print Titles
Copying and Moving
  • Copying Data
  • Collecting and Pasting Multiple Items
  • Moving Cells
  • Copying and Moving Formulas
  • Absolute Addresses
Multiple Panes and Sheets
  • Splitting Windows into Panes
  • Freezing Panes
  • Multi-Sheet Workbooks
  • Group Editing
  • Multi-Sheet (3-D) Formulas
  • Printing a Multi-Page Workbook
Additional Topics
  • Using Functions
  • The Insert Function Button
  • Sorting by Single/Multiple Columns
  • Sorting with Blank Columns/Rows
  • Sorting by Color
  • Saving to an Excel 2003 Workbook
Creating Charts
  • Parts of a Chart
  • Modifying the Chart
  • Additional Part Charts
  • Enhancing the Chart
  • Backgrounds
  • Data Labels
  • Formattting a Single Item from the Group