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Microsoft Project


Microsoft Project is often considered the industry-standard tool for managing project schedules, tasks, people and resources successfully. Our hands- on, instructor-led courses include topics for the beginner to the more advanced user. Project managers will learn to control projects, on time and within budget by learning how to track all project details. Our courses will help project managers of all levels use this software easily and effectively.

Course Details
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Date:  Call for Dates

Days:  2

Fee:  $650

Location:  551 5th Avenue, NYC

Course Number: 


Days: 2

Fee: $650.00

Location: 551 5th Avenue,  NYC

Course Number:


Course Description

This course will provide you with the foundation and structure to learn MS Project quickly and easily. Lessons are arranged in the order of increasing proficiency with skills developed in subsequent lessons. You will receive relevant and supporting information through the use of sample files, hands-on activities and supporting background information. Ideal for individuals who would like an understanding of project management concepts to create and modify project plans and learn the tools to manage project plans.

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You Will Learn To

  • Identify the basic features and components of the Microsoft Project environment.
  • Create a new project plan file and enter project information.
  • Manage tasks by organizing tasks and setting task relationships.
  • Manage resources for a project.
  • Finalize a project plan.
  • Exchange project plan data with other applications.
  • Update a project plan.
  • Manage project costs.
  • Create Custom reports
  • Report project data visually.
  • Reuse project plan information.

Who Should Enroll

Individuals who would like an understanding of project management concepts to create and modify project plans and learn the tools to manage project plans.

Prerequisite: A basic knowledge of MS Word and Excel. An understanding of project management concepts is a plus.


Course Format

2 Days, 9am to 4 pm. Course is offered weekdays. Instructor-led.

COST: $650



Please contact us at (888) 561-7223 or

Outline for Microsoft Project

Day 1

Lesson 1: Getting Started with MS Project
Explore the MS Project 2010 Environment
Display an Existing Project Plan in Different Views

Lesson 2: Creating a Project Plan
Create a New Project Plan
Assign a Project Calendar
Add and Modify Tasks to the Project Plan
Enter the Task Duration Estimates

Lesson 3: Managing Tasks in a Project Plan
Outline Tasks
Link Dependent Tasks
Set Task Constraints and Deadlines
Add Notes to a Task
Add a Recurring Task

Lesson 4: Managing Resources in a Project Plan
Create a Resource Calendar
Assign Resources to Tasks
Enter Costs for Resources
Resolve Resource Conflicts

Lesson 5: Finalizing the Project Plan
Shorten a Project Using the Critical Path
Set a Baseline
Print a Project Summary Report
Add Resources in the Project Plan


Day 2

Lesson 1: Exchanging Project Plan Data with Other Applications
Import Project Information
Export Project Plan Cost Data to an Excel Workbook
Copy a Picture of the Project Plan Information

Lesson 2: Updating a Project Plan
Enter Task Progress
Enter Overtime Work
Edit Tasks
Reschedule a Task
Set an Interim Plan
Create a Custom Table
Create a Custom Field

Lesson 3: Managing Project Costs
Update Cost Rate Tables
Group Costs
Link Documents to a Project Plan

Lesson 4: Reporting Project Data Visually
Create a Visual Report
Customize a Visual Report
Create a Visual Report Template

Lesson 4A: Creating Custom Reports
Create a Custom Report
Modify a Custom Report's Header and Footer
Add A Picture to a Report
Modify a Custom Report's Margins
Print a CustomReport

Lesson 5: Reusing Project Plan Information
Create a Project Plan Template
Create a Custom View
Make Custom Views Available to Other Project Plans
Share Resources
Create a Master Project



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