Mobile Applications

Mobile Application Development

The explosive growth of mobile device computing has changed the way companies do business and the sheer volume of data now accessed by mobile devices has never been greater. Pace University has the most comprehensive and current programs found anywhere in the greater New York (NY) Metropolitan area.

For those with little to no experience in mobile device computing, we have a pathway to get in the game with the Introduction to Object Oriented Software Development for Mobile Device Computing. We provide and support programs for the two leading mobile platforms today: Android and iPhone (iOS) including an advanced iOS application development program. Learn how to build mobile apps on any platform and advance your career skills by calling us today!




Certificate in Android Application Development

The Android platform is an open source mobile and embedded device platform from Google. Currently there is rapid growth in the number of Android based mobile devices being released on all the major mobile phone carriers around the world, with a common development platform and application market for third party developer applications. Students will build an Android app by the end of the program.


Certificate in iPhone Application Development

The learning objectives of the class are: to develop iPhone technology skills and soft skills of student learners to enable them to plan, design, build iPhone (iPad) apps and upload apps to Apple’s App Store.
This is a very ‘leading edge’ course and will include learning about universal applications (iPhone / iPad / iTouch) and iAd.


Introduction to Object Oriented Software Development for Mobile Device Computing

  • The learning objectives of the program are to prepare students with limited (or minimal) programming background, the skills and programming knowledge to advance on to mobile device computing (iPhone Application Development, iOS and / or Android Application Development courses).

Certificate in Advanced iOS Application Development

  • This hands-on course will enable students to acquire the skills necessary to develop advanced iPhone (iPad) App’s incorporating the newest in Apple's ecosystem and technologies offered in Apple’s iOS8 releases. At the end of the class, students will have completed a full featured application that can be submitted to the App store.