Outlook - Introduction


Introduction to Outlook


Microsoft Office remains the gold standard for business communications around the world. The Pace Center for Business and Technology offers beginner to advanced training in the most popular programs of Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.

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Course Description

This course is aimed at those new to Outlook and self-taught users wanting to enhance their knowledge. Learn to send, receive and organize emails, work with file attachments, signatures and manage your emails. Additional topics include how to create distribution lists, schedule meetings using calendars and contact lists.

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You Will Learn To

  • Use Outlook to send and receive e-mail
  • Work with file and image attachments
  • Use Signatures in e-mail
  • Use the Out-of-Office Assistant
  • Organize e-mail messages and junk e-mail
  • Manage contacts and contact groups
  • Use the calendar for appointments and events
  • Use the meeting planner

Who Should Enroll

This course is aimed at those new to Outlook and self-taught users wanting to enhance their knowledge.

Prerequisite: Experience with any Windows application. Ability to use the mouse, and type.


Course Format

One Day (9am- 4pm); offered Monday-Friday; Instructor-led. Class runs from 9am-4pm.
COST: $250



Please contact us at (888) 561-7223 or continuinged@pace.edu

Outline for Introduction to Outlook

A First Look at Outlook
What is Outlook?
Email Concepts
Outlook Interface
Navigation Pane
Setting Up Outlook Mail Windows
Conversation View

Using E-Mail
Creating and Sending Messages
Creating and Sending to Multiple People
Sending a Cc or Bcc Messages
Message Options
Acting on E-Mail Messages
Replying to a Messages
Printing Messages

More on Message Options
Controlling Format of Messages
Formatting Messages
Bullets, Numbers, and Indents
The Draft Folder
The Sent Items Folder
File Attachment
Receiving an Attachment
Compressing Image Attachments
Inserting images

Advanced E-Mail Options
Using Signatures in Email Messages
Delay E-Mail Delivery
Message Flags
Flagged Messages
Removing Flags
Contact Groups
Out of Office Messages


Managing E-Mail Messages
Viewing and Sorting Messages
Viewing Messages in Groups
Managing and Moving Messages
Junk E-Mail
Searching for Messages
Deleting Messages and Folders

Creating, Editing, and Sending a Business Card
Sending and Saving Contacts
Printing and Viewing Contacts
Deleting Messages and Folders

The Calendar
Date Navigator
Calendar Views
Scheduling Appointments
Responding to Reminders
Scheduling Events
Moving Appointments and Events
Recurring Appointments and Events
Customizing the Calendar
Printing the Calendar

The Meeting Planner
Receive a Meeting Request
Receiving and Tracking meeting Requests
Emailing Attendees
Cancelling a Meeting
Displayig Calendars
Final Clean-Up