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General Comments on our Continuing & Professional Education Courses

"AMAZING!  I truly enjoyed this educational experience.  The Pace Faculty and Staff were excellent."

"Why didn't I learn like this in college?  Pace University's Continuing & Professional Education was a great experience.  The instructors are thoughtful, knowledgeable, and enlightened.  Plus, I was able to apply the material learned to my job immediately."

"Truly exceptional!  This was the first course that I have taken in over 25 years."

"I really appreciated the extra effort from the Pace staff and the ability to network and learn from my peers in addition to a truly exceptional program."

"Pace University's instructors are so well versed and knowledgeable ... they transform the classroom into a dynamic learning environment."
"I learned so much! It was extremely interesting and enlightening."

"This was the best course I have every taken!  It applied all the knowledge to real world situations."

"Tell your colleagues and friends!  Pace Continuing Education is an incredible learning experience."

"WOW!  This course was a life-changing experience.  I cannot thank Pace University Continuing Education enough!"

Bookkeeping Certificate

"I was really scared to enroll in this class.  I am so glad that I did!  I learned so much." - Spring 2013 Student, M. Barbados

"Fabulous class!  This is going to really help me get a new job!" - Spring 2013 Student, C. Miller

"Great job by the instructor. I would highly recommend this course for anybody who wants to pass the CB Exam.” – Fall 2012 Student, S. Ortega

Business Writing  Courses

"Theresa Breland is a GREAT instructor.  She is a dynamic instructor.  I am now VERY confident in my business writing." - Spring 2013 Student, D. Miller

"I thought this review was great. Theresa was very knowledgeable and I felt comfortable asking questions." - Fall 2012 Student, M. Korensein

"Thanks to Professor Breland, I am now confident in my business writing." - Fall 2012 Student, S. Smith

"The teacher, Theresa Breland, was very personable and willing to answer all questions. Her lecture materials were well thought out and presented. The class was engaged as she was very approachable." - Spring 2012 student

"This class gave me a quick refresher course in business writing." - Spring 2012 student

“I actually thought this class was going to be boring and mundane, but I found it quite interesting and informative. I think Theresa did a great job.”- A. Carney, Fall 2011

“I would recommend this course to co-workers because it is very helpful.” – W.Yao, Fall 2011

“The teacher is lively and engages all participants. She emphasizes the reader's needs and not the writer's.” –A. Pidgeon, Fall 2011

“I would recommend this course because it helps communicate better.” – P. Marchera, Fall 2011

“I learned new rules for using e-mail communication more efficiently.” – C. McGueri, Fall 2011

“This course is teaching us how to pay attention for writing business e-mails, preparing main ideas, and making e-mails successfully.” – W. Yao, Fall 2011

“I would recommend this course to co-workers because it is very helpful and is going to impact my writing a lot.” – S. Harcharam, Fall 2011

“I learned effective business email writing and tips, and how to use more useful ways of punctuation, subject lines, and clear business email.” – H. Chet, Fall 2011

“The course covered important topics where mistakes are common when writing e-mail. I would recommend this course to co-workers because it is very useful. I learned how to write more concisely.” – K. Bain, Fall 2011

“I would recommend this course to co-workers because it covers simple issues that could affect one's writing skills in e-mail. This course helped me be able to write an effective business e-mail.” - A. Joseph, Fall 2011

“The collaborative nature of the class and the slides strengthened the course. I would add another 30 minutes to the class time. I would recommend this course because it is highly informative. I learned to be more concise and to use a more diverse vocabulary.” – D. Brown, Fall 2011

“The course was put to use in the right way. This course will help me in communicating with recruiters and prospective employers.” – H. Kaufman, Fall 2011


Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) Exam Prep Course

"I passed the CIA Exam!!  This course made it possible.  Thanks PACE!" - Spring 2013 Student, S. Hopper

"I truly enjoyed taking this class. The instructor was very knowledgeable and provided the information in a clear and concise manner. The instructor also created a very positive environment where all students were able to provide their opinions and participate in conversations.” – Fall 2012 Student, U. Dave

"I attended your CIA Exam Prep class this September 2012. I am happy to say that I took up the exam yesterday and successfully passed Part-1. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, experience and expertise – that was very useful in taking the exam. I am looking forward to see you in Part-2 class in the coming weeks." - Fall 2012 student, A. Angappan

"The instructor, Mike Fucilli, was very knowledgeable and relayed life examples to us to put the concepts into perspective. It was very helpful as I passed ALL 4 PARTS!" - Spring 2012 student

"[I enjoyed] the collaboration on how to determine answers and hearing how each person reached their answers." - Spring 2012 student

"Very helpful for an individual in the business environment.  Mr. Fucilli made the course satisfying and especially gratifying since I passed Part 3." - Spring 2012 student

"I just wanted to let Mike and you know that I cleared CIA Part 3 in my first attempt. This was my last part and now I am a Certified Internal Auditor. Thanks you guys for running a fantastic program. Mike made the review course fun and inspired me to achieve the goal." - Amit P, Fall 2011

“The professor is the strength of the course. I would add more questions to the course.” – P. Keating, Fall 2011

“I would recommend this course to co-workers because it is a great reinforcement of material and strategy building exercises and techniques to answering test questions. I would extend the course to two or more days.” – G. DeNichilo, Fall 2011

“Excellent, thanks!” – A. Lima, Fall 2011

“The strength of this course is the online system. I would recommend this course because it is helpful. The knowledge of auditing I acquired will impact my job.” – J. Pizarro, Fall 2011

“The professor strengthened the course. I would recommend this course to others because it reinforces the reason to study and Mike encourages the class to pass.”- P. Keating, Fall 2011

“The teacher took a hands-on policy towards teaching, which strengthened the course. I would recommend this course to co-workers because it is very helpful.” – C. Oliveria, Fall 2011

“The course was strengthened by the use of the slides and working on multiple choice questions. I would add more of these questions and have students work on them in groups. I would definitely recommend this course to co-workers!!” – T. Sapp, Fall 2011

Construction Project Management Certificate

"I am currently enrolled in the above referenced certificate class instructed by professor Paraison at Pace. This class was a lot more exciting then I expected it to be. Professor Paraison uses his great personality to make learning fun and understandable. I feel confident that I will leave this course with the knowledge of reading plans." - Spring 2013, D. Colmer

"Professor Dominic Paraison is very passionate about teaching construction classes, has lots of humors, he knows how to lead the class (there are some prof. are just talking boring), and  knows what makes the class interested to everyone in the class. It was worth taking HIS course; I learned a lot about the drawings which can be very useful to my job right away.” - Spring 2013 Student, Yoko Y.

"The class was wicked. And I learned alot from the professor. One of the best professor I met so far." - Spring 2013 Student, S. Singh

"Great class,  eight  hours felt like three. As a person who never had any blueprint training and was given an opportunity in a industry that requires me to have knowledge with blue prints I feel quite comfortable I will gain the tools I need to succeed at the end of my course. With on one day I learned about elevations, the breakdown of an architects rulers, the equations on the scale. Talked about plots/lots the alphabets of drawings and a lot more." - Spring 2013 Student, H. Haughton

"Overall I thought that the class was great. Professor Paraison did a great job at communicating with the class clearly as well as keeping us engaged. After just one class I feel like I understand the basics of reading a blueprint. I feel like this class is going to be of great step forward in my architectural career. Thank you for making this possible." - Spring 2013 Student, C. Sanchez

"Overall, this was the BEST class that I have every taken." - Spring 2013 Student, M. Smith

“Professor Paraison ROCKS!  This is absolutely the best class that I have ever taken.  I am ready to hit the ground running.  Loads of relevant experience.  The instructor is so passionate and knowledgeable about every aspect of construction project management.” – Fall 2012 Student, A. Bellantoni

Grant Writing

"Very informative and extremely helpful.  The Professor had a great rapport with all of her students.” –Fall 2012 Student, T. Martinez

"Thank you for this amazing experience.  I am now ready to take the knowledge and skills I learned in this class to a new grant!" - Fall 2012 student, A. LaPara

"This course is exceptional.  Stacy Spencer is bright, knowledgeable, and even inventive when it comes to grant writing." - Spring 2012 student

“This course taught us ways to fund money and practical application to apply for funding. I would spread the class over 3 sessions as opposed to one long block in one day. I learned to research ideas before approaching my boss.” – P. Pallette, Fall 2011

“I learned how to write a grant and the effective, precise, short, and simplest way to write it. The teacher's expertise in the field and examples of documentation really helped make the course great!” – S. Leyhari, Fall 2011

“The instructor and the handouts were great. I wish there were more templates. I would recommend this course to co-workers because it is very informative. I learned about organization, how to do financial requests, and where money comes from.” – D. Brown, Fall 2011

Human Resources Management Courses

"I wanted to let you know I passed the GPHR last week - thank you for all your help. I very much enjoyed the course." - Fall 2013 Student, P. Roberts

"I PASSED the PHR Exam!! Thank you for your help and guidance throughout this process." - Spring 2013 Student, A. Acosta

"I took the PHR test last night and I passed. I am very excited about it. Thank you for the great class, Professor Chartier. You truly made this class a great experience."- Fall 2012 Student, P. Martens

"I DID IT JI PASSED! I am so happy I made it through.  Anyway, thanks for the confidence in my capability and the support along the way!  I couldn't have done it without this course!" - Fall 2012 Student, N. DiRienzo

"Professor Chartier, many thanks for your teaching (you made the learning/class fun with your unflappable humor) and in my case, advice and guidance.  I PASSED THE PHR EXAM!" - Fall 2012 Student, G. James

"Professor Murphy is seasoned, passionate and approvable. He is committed to ensure we all pass the certification. Thank you!" – Fall 2012 Student, T. Kirkpatrick

"I was impressed we were able to cram so much information in such little time. Professor LaManna was informative and all his emails and handouts were very much appreciated." – Fall 2012 Student, E. Crockett

"Professor Chartier is very knowledgeable and a great teacher.  I passed the Exam!" – Fall 2012 Student, M. Cheung

"Professor Jennifer Loftus was excellent, can't say enough about her." – Fall 2012 Student, R. Furey

"I know this is unusual to give feedback so soon --but this course is exceptional.  Professor Loftus is so amazing.  I am going to recommend this class to all of my HR colleagues." - Fall 2012 student

"The instructor and his real world experience were beneficial and informative I am truly enthused now by HR and want to go back for certification." - Spring 2012 student

"This is THE BEST COURSE EVER!  I passed the SPHR.  Thanks Pace!" - Spring 2012 student

"This is the most notable Human Resources program in the tri-state area.  It is a truly exceptional program." - Spring 2012 student

“This course taught me new regulations. Practical application, interesting multi-media materials, and a very knowledgeable and friendly instructor are the strengths of this course.” – C.Harris, Fall 2011

“Greg is very knowledgeable. He has a very honest, informative, and humorous way of explaining HR. His HR experience and knowledge is vast and his lecture and course has been extremely helpful.”- R. Abrams, Fall 2011

“The instructor uses practical examples. Law or Regulations component would be helpful. A contact list of the students' names and emails should be distributed as an added networking opportunity.” – S. Vittario, Fall 2011

“This course provides up to date knowledge that the instructor shared. There was great info on LinkedIn. Thank you for your expertise.” – J. Tornello, Fall 2011

“The instructor's knowledge of HR is the strength of this course.” – N. Delgado, Fall 2011

“The instructor has real world experience. He was able to produce "real world" examples. I learned how to recruit using LinkedIn - a resource I wasn’t utilizing at all!” – C. Rubino, Fall 2011

“This course had very helpful and informative material. The new territory for companies is a strength of the course. I would add more interactive modules to this course.” – J. O’Sullivan, Fall 2011

“This course touched on multiple subtopics. It allowed for student questions.” – S. Bundor, Fall 2011

“Professor Chartier is an expert in what he does. I would recommend this course to co-workers because there are a lot of interesting topics to discuss.” – M. Cheung, Fall 2011

“I would recommend this course to co-workers because the information is critical and beneficial. I have a better understanding of labor laws. This information would benefit my employer and staff.” – J. Vincente, Fall 2011

"I enrolled in the Strategic HR Management Certificate with Dr. Chartier.  He was excellent!  The course created a wide array of theories and models that provided a great basis for thought and adaption to the various companies.  The balance between real examples and theories was excellent." -Christina D, Spring 2011 HR Student

"I enrolled in the SPHR Intensive Review course with Professor LaManna.  Not only did I pass the SPHR Exam, I brought a couple of the strategic planning and development processes learned in this course back to the office.  Not only am I a SPHR, but a STAR in my company" -Allison K, Spring 2011 HR Student

"Stories from the instructor were great and helpful!  I would highly recommend Professor Murphy." -- Mary K, Spring 2011 HR Student

Notary Public Exam Review

"I'm so glad that I took the notary public class at Pace. It was informative, engaging, and taught well - Fall 2013 Student, K. Lewis

" I passed the NYS Notary Exam!  This course provided me with a comprehensive review of the course material.  It is HIGHLY recommended! - Spring 2013 Student, D. Roberts

"Great method of teaching. You can see experience and a seasoned educator." – Fall 2012 Student, D. Chan

"I was able to pass the Notary Public Exam on the first try!  Thanks Pace!" - Spring 2012 student

"I am now a Notary Public.  Thanks to Pace I was able to pass the NYS Exam." - Spring 2012 student

“The instructor and the handouts helped me learn that I will be able to assist in furthering their careers. I would recommend this course to co-workers because it is very informative. I would also add more handouts.” – D. Brown, Fall 2011

“The professor was very knowledgeable.” – R. Weinstein, Fall 2011

“This course is strengthened by informing students about the legal issue with Notary Public Duties. I would recommend it because it is great preparation for the exam. The teacher is great and very knowledgeable.” J. Vincente, Fall 2011

“The instructor's knowledge and organization really made the course. I would work on time management for this class. I learned about legal wording, which will help me at work.  I would recommend this course to co-workers because it is very informative.” – J. DiCapua, Fall 2011


Paralegal Certificate Program

"I took and completed the paralegal program which I truly enjoyed. Upon completion of your program I was immediately hired as a paralegal. Thank you for such a great program. " - Spring 2013, Armena M.

"Just wanted to let you know that thanks to completing your program, I was offered a Senior Paralegal position at AIG which I accepted.  This represents a “bump-up” in title and salary." - Spring 2013, Helen C.

"This course was a fantastic learning experience.  It also gives me more confidence in my value to the firm I work for and the ability to reach out for new projects outside my practice area."- Spring 2013 online student, Michelle G.

"This Paralegal Certificate Program was fabulous!  The knowledge the instructor gave was very helpful and I will remember the lessons learned from this course."-Spring 2013 online student, Kristine C.

"I truly appreciated the program, the professors and Pace.  Investing in this program was the BEST decision I have ever made.  It truly changed my life." - Spring 2012 Student, Alison T.

"Thank you Professor Pocchia!  You are truly a dynamic educator, and I look forward to informing you that I've been hired, which would be attributed to another success story of your precious gift of not only empowering others, but the ability of giving students a second chance at their life's vocation." -- Fall 2012 Student, R. Forbes

"This program is exceptional.  After spending many years in a dead end job, I decided to enroll in this program to change my life.  I am now a working paralegal in a Westchester Law Firm!" - Spring 2012 student

"I was able to attend this class due to DOL Grant.  Thanks to the skills I received in the program, I am now working as a full-time paralegal." - Spring 2012 student

"This was a life-changing experience.  If you are thinking of taking this class, JUST DO IT.  This program is truly exceptional." - Spring 2012 student

“This course provides in depth coverage of everything I need to know to be a paralegal.” – Student, Summer 2011

"I took this course because I recently had been laid off.  Half way through the program, I applied for a job and now am working as a FT Paralegal." - Student, Summer 2011

“Being taught by real world judges and lawyers is quite an experience!"- Student, Summer 2011

"All of the instructors are amazing!  5-months to a new career!" - Student, Summer 2011

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Property & Real Estate Management

"I now know how to manage my private real estate holdins for maximum profit and minimum liability.  I see the $$$ coming my way." - Spring 2013 Student, D. Pagar

"I recently took the Fundamentals of Property Management course with Professor Bierman.  I can hardly wait until the Residential course.  He is so knowledgeable and experienced in this field.  I can hardly wait to start making some money from my rental properties." - Fall 2012 Student

"I am not able to better understand in detail the role of a property manager, dealing with required documentation relating to property management, how to be a good landlord were all very helpful." - Spring 2012 student

“This course provides in depth coverage of local laws. I would recommend this course to co-workers because it will better background check. This course should include PDF documents.” – N. Mesnick, Fall 2011

“The small, personal class makes the course better. I would add more "real world" examples. I would recommend this course because of its good overview. I learned about landlord obligations.” N. Mesnick, Fall 2011

“The small class makes it easy to go at your own pace. I learned about leases, which I am able to handle now.” – J. Papalas, Fall 2011

"The Property Management Certificate Program was awesome!  There was an incredible amount of information for tenants and landlords that could be useful in the future." - Johnny S., Spring 2011 Property Management Student


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