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DECIDE™to be Organized: Achieve Results at Home, at Work, and in Life            

Too often seen as completely separate efforts, organizing and decision-making skills amplify the power of each other when properly combined. In this entertaining and engaging talk, Lisa will share valuable tips on how to effectively organize your time, space, paper and possessions by practicing good decision-making techniques, creating a system that works, and integrating the system into your life.

time management; get organized; personal developmentTopics include:

  • Sobering statistics about how disorganized we are as a society
  • What is clutter?
  • Decluttering tips and tools
  • Benefits of being organized
  • Changing behavior
  • The DECIDE method

Plus, as an added bonus, there will be an interactive Organizing Vision Drilldown session, during which Lisa will provide tips, ideas, and strategies that will solve challenges while motivating and inspiring you into action. If you've never seen Lisa in action, this is your chance to come away with great new ideas that will help you achieve results at home, at work, and in life!

June 2012 Course Schedule

Pace University Midtown Center
551 Fifth Avenue at 45th
New York, NY

June 16, 2012
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Tuition: $195  (includes all materials)
Course# TM101


Meet the Instructor

Lisa Montanaro is a skilled motivational speaker that also delivers highly valuable content. Her background as a performer, educator, mediator, and lawyer has provided her with years of experience and expertise in speaking before live audiences. Lisa is a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), the premiere organization for professional speakers. Her presentations at national conferences, local forums, and in numerous workplace settings are informative, interactive, and entertaining.

Lisa has been interviewed by television and radio hosts, and is a frequent guest expert for national teleclasses and webinars. Indeed, Lisa was ranked the number 1 speaker of the 2008 NAPO Conference by attendees, sharing the spotlight with such notable speakers as Peter Walsh of TLC’s Clean Sweep and the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Lisa offers a wide range of speaking topics, including organizing and productivity, time management, leadership, entrepreneurship, and life-work balance. Speaking engagements are offered in the form of training workshops, staff retreats, breakout or concurrent sessions, and keynotes.

Questions?  Please contact us at (914) 773-3714 or ContinuingEd@pace.edu