How do you contact us?

Please call us or visit our office to make an appointment.

Westchester Campuses

Administration Building, 2nd Floor
(914)773-3639 (fax)

New York City Campus

156 William St., 8th Fl
(212) 346-1526

The staff at the Counseling Center welcomes your contact. We also value your privacy and therefore offer you the following information to help you decide on the best method for reaching us.

Email Policy

If you are looking for online counseling or advice, unfortunately, email is not the appropriate medium for personal counseling. Therefore, we do not offer on line counseling. Do not use e-mail for emergency notification to the Counseling Centers. Use the telephone information provided above for emergency contacts when the Counseling Center is closed.

Email confidentiality:
Confidentiality cannot be guaranteed on electronic mail. If you are concerned that your email or its reply may be read by someone other than you or the person you are contacting, please consider alternative ways of contacting us.