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Stress Management Group

Come learn skills for managing stress, depression, and anxiety. Each week is a new topic so don't be shy about dropping in and giving it a try!

Meeting Time: Fridays at 12:10 pm at the Counseling Center

Understanding Self and Others

This group addresses a variety of concerns related to relationships with others (including family, friends and partners) and with oneself. The group explores themes related to identity and self-perception and provides an environment in which members can practice new ways of expressing themselves as well as share support, encouragement, and feedback in a safe and confidential environment.

Support Group for Students in Recovery from Alcohol and Drug Problems

Through a grant from Transforming Youth Recovery, we are developing services on-campus for Pace students in recovery from alcohol and drug problems. A weekly Recovery Support Group is available on a drop in basis for any Pace student in recovery who is seeking support, camaraderie, and tools to help maintain sobriety while also enjoying the full college experience, with its complement of joys and challenges.

Meeting Time: Wednesdays, 3:45-4:30 (Common Hour) at the Counseling Center

Call (212) 346-1526 for more information!