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Counseling Center

Service and Training Components

Consultation and Outreach

This aspect of the training program is flexible. Group programs for international students, students on probation, resident assistants, and student organizations have been offered by our staff. Routinely, we consult on issues of substance abuse, eating disorders and body image, HIV and AIDS, rape prevention, sexuality, and wellness. Summer interns are required to participate in one, or more if desired, consultation or outreach projects. Additionally if a summer intern wishes to develop a program they are welcome to.

Scholarly and Statistical Research

As part of their experience, summer interns will be able to participate in on-going Counseling Center projects which include library research, statistical database management, and scholarly writing.

Screening Interviews

Summer interns will have the opportunity to participate in mock screening interviews of "clients" that seek treatment at the Counseling Center. They will be taught the fundamentals of interviewing and mental status examination. These assessments are conducted with another staff member.