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Westchester Announcements And Events

Wellness Challenge

The Fall 2017 Wellness Challenge runs from Oct 1 - 29 and is desinged to encourage participants to increase their well-being through engaging in wellness and self-care practices.

Starting the Conversation: College and Mental Health

Check out this new informative resource about mental health in college. Written by NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and the JED Foundation, who say, "Read the guide, learn from it and use it to start and continue a conversation about mental health."

RED CARD: Recognizing and Reaching Out to Students of Concern

The Red Card informational guide provides resources to help faculty and staff recognize and assist students of concern. As staff and faculty, you are often the first to see distressed and/or disruptive students. As such, you are in a position to encourage and help students connect to the supports they need. Your expresion of concern and offering of resources could be critical in helping to save a student from emotional, academic and other distress.

Groups 2016-2017: Develop Yourself and Maximize Your Success

Due Process: A Law Student’s Group

This group is for law students struggling with managing the Law School-Life balance. The group provides a safe place to discuss personal concerns and receive support.

Family Matters

Tuesdays, 3:45 - 4:45 PM, Counseling Center, Administration Center, 2nd floor

Family Matters is a confidential group for students seeking support in a variety of family related matters, ranging from relationship difficulties with family members, alcohol and substance abuse by a family member, family mental health issues, separations and divorce, and deaths in their family, among others. This group offers a safe space for students to share their experiences as well as provide and receive support.

Contact Drs. Luis Nobrega and Amanda Michael to find out more about the group at (914) 773-3710.


Wednesdays 12:25 – 1:10pm, Counseling Center, Administration Center, 2nd floor

Are you drinking or using drugs more than you want to? Could you use some strategies for change? Do you want to clean up your act before graduation? Are you trying to stay clean and sober?

“HARMLESS” is a confidential weekly discussion group for students who are interested in examining or modifying their current use of alcohol or other drugs or who seek support in maintaining recovery. This group offers a safe space for students to share their experiences as well as provide and receive support.

Contact Andrea Winters at (914) 773-3710 to learn more about the group.

Understanding Self and Others

Thursdays, 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM, Counseling Center, Administration Center, 2nd floor

This is a confidential interpersonal group that runs weekly throughout the semester, bringing together students of all backgrounds who may struggle with difficulties within their relationships or are looking to understand themselves better. This group offers a safe and private space.

Contact Drs. Amanda Michael or Priya Pandit for more information at (914) 773-3710.

Friends of Bill

Fridays 1:30 PM, Meditation Room, Wilcox, 4th floor

This group, named after Bill Wilson, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous is primarily a peer support group modeled on Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous for students concerned enough about their use of alcohol and/or drugs to have the conversation about it. The facilitators, Sr. Susan and J.R. Lombardo, are not representing any office or department at Pace but have stepped-up out of their understanding of the problems drugs and alcohol can cause and a desire to be present and available to students.

The capacity for confidentiality is an absolute requirement for participation. It MUST be a safe space for everyone!

Contact Sr Susan at or JR Lombardo at (914) 773-3710 for additional information.

Check Out Our Relaxation Room

Make an appointment to check out our Relaxation Room which is designed to help individuals develop relaxation skills and cope with stress. You might also enjoy using our state-of-the-art massage chair, SAD Lamp, Buddha Board and our biofeedback software, emWave2©!

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