About CTLT

The Center for Teaching, Learning, & Technology (CTLT), founded as the Center for Instructional Technology (CIT), was created to bring together together a number of existing faculty development programs under a new office, which at the time were, the CIT, the Center for Faculty Development, the Faculty Resource Network, and the Teaching, Learning and Technology Roundtable. By uniting all these resources into one, faculty are able to find help all in one location

The Center for Teaching, Learning, & Technology is a resource for assisting others in the design, creation, and development of different learning innovations to improve the educational experience of students. CTLT investigates and applies new means of electronic course enhancement and delivery, and educates faculty on the implications for teaching and learning, so that “pedagogy is effectively integrated with technology.”

Thus the Center exhibits a complementary mission with that of Pace University, and is an indispensable strategic partner in serving the university community. CTLT provides interested faculty with opportunities to enhance their curricula through web page creation, image-editing software, digital technologies, Web syllabi and commentaries, Blackboard courseware development, discussion forums, test construction, assessment design, organizing and displaying of information, evaluating new and different teaching strategies, experimenting with various means of electronic communication, and the development of pedagogical activities.

NOTE: Information Technology Services (ITS) and the Center for Teaching, Learning, & Technology (CTLT) are two separate divisions of Pace University that facilitate the varying needs of the Blackboard system. ITS is responsible for technical requests (passwords, usernames, etc.) as outlined in the Blackboard Standard Operating Procedures. CTLT is responsible for training on how to use Blackboard, and requests concerning uploading and creating course content. CTLT also holds workshops and individual sessions for faculty on the use of Blackboard or computer software. It is highly recommended that all faculty attend either a Blackboard workshop or an individual session with a CTLT member.