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An important upgrade to Blackboard was made on Thursday, May 23, 2013.  For information on the upgrades, please Click Here


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[+] Is there Guest Access into Blackboard?
[+] Are my courses deleted after the semester ends?
[+] Will my course content look different once the upgrade is complete?
[+] How can faculty get instruction?
[+] How do I make a course (un)available to students?
[+] How will the students be impacted with regard to the upgrade?
[+] Who do I contact if I am having technical issues with my courses on Blackboard?
[+] Are the policies and procedures the same on the upgraded version of Blackboard?
[+] How do I view my student roster with photos of the students?
[+] How do I view a list of the students in my course with their email addresses?
[+] How do I reset a student's exam?
[+] How do I export/import to/from a course?
[+] Can I incorporate streaming media into blackboard?
[+] Who do I contact to help change the design of my course?
[+] Faculty Option for emailing Class Rosters:
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