Goals, Objectives and Support

Pace University recognizes the changing landscape of higher education and is committed to providing a high quality distributed education environment for its students. The University will develop coherent offerings of certificate and degree programs that are totally online or are taught in a rigorous web-assisted format. The University in developing these certificate and degree programs will increase its population by attracting new students—traditional as well as non-traditional.   Recognizing that ongoing support is needed for a student-centered approach to distributed learning, the University will establish a sustainable funding mechanism for distance education.  The primary goal of the Provost Council on Distributed Education is academic excellence and student support.



For faculty who are teaching an online or web assisted course, there are many resources available to help you plan and execute a pedagogically sound course.  These additional resources can be located at http://www.pace.edu/ctlt/faculty-resources


The university subscribes to "Quality Matters" and there is a dedicated Pace Blackboard community providing many resources for syllabus development and assessment models.

What is Quality Matters?

Quality Matters is a not-for-profit subscription service providing tools and training for quality assurance of online courses

  • Developed by MarylandOnline with funding from FIPSE, it was designed by faculty for faculty and focused on improving student learning
  • Adopted by a large and broad user base, QM represents a shared understanding of quality in online course design
  • A set of standards (Rubric) for the design of online and blended courses
  • A peer review process (faculty to faculty) for reviewing and improving online and hybrid courses
  • A faculty support tool used by instructional development staff
  • A professional development opportunity

What's in it for Faculty?

  • Improvement of online courses
  • External quality assurance
  • Participation useful for professional development plan and portfolio
  • Faculty development trainings
  • Review other courses and gain new ideas for own course; expand professional community
For additional access to Quality Matters resources, please contact ctlt@pace.edu




If you are a student there are online reosurces and online tutorials at http://www.pace.edu/online-learning.  For specific questions about online courses, please visit https://www.pace.edu/online-learning/online-help-students.

If you have a Pace account, you can log into Blackboard and take an online orientation called "Online Learning Orientation"