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Mentor Application Form

Thank you for your interest in serving as a mentor for the Setters Leadership Program (SLP)!

We are looking for students in their Junior or Senior year to serve as mentors to students in the SLP. Please complete the following application questions, attach your resume, as well as the SLP Mentor Reference Form (or have it submitted by your referrer to one of the addresses listed on the recommendation form). In order to be selected for this program, you must be able to attend the overnight, off-campus SLP Core Retreat from August 28th - August 30th, 2013.

Position Description:

  • Mentor a group of 3-5 freshmen/sophomore students for one year as they progress through the three-tiered leadership program

  • Mentor and participate in the SLP Core Retreat from August 28th - August 30th, 2013, which is an overnight and off-campus event

  • Meet with your mentor group at least two times a month (with guided discussion questions) to share workshop and program reflections

  • Assist with SLP events, workshops, and retreat logistics in addition to some administrative efforts to support the program

(Last updated: Spring 2013)