Student Affairs


The Division of Student Affairs supports the academic mission of the university by providing programs and services that engage and involve students in the co-curricular life of the campuses. We believe students who participate in our programs and services will learn, grow and develop. The following student learning outcomes guide our services and programs:

Familiarity with Pace University

  • Students will learn what resources are available at Pace University.
  • Student will learn how to access resources.
  • Students will learn how to effectively utilize resources and services.

Life Skills

  • Students will gain skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Students will learn to balance physical, emotional, spiritual, and social health.
  • Student will learn to manage relationship with faculty, staff, and peers.

Identity Development

  • Students will assume responsibility for their own intellectual and social development.
  • Students will understand values and how values impact major choices regarding careers, relationship, etc.
  • Students will learn and self-reflect on aspects of identity including culture, gender, sexual orientation, professional role, social class, spirituality, etc.


  • Students will understand one’s own identity and culture.
  • Students will seek involvement with people different from oneself.
  • Students will demonstrate appreciation of the similarities and differences we all embody.

Community/ Civic Engagement

  • Students will be involved, informed citizens.
  • Students will learn how their behavior affects the Pace community.
  • Students will participate in service learning/volunteer activities.


  • Student will develop leadership, problem solving, and communication skills.
  • Students will comprehend the dynamic of group and exhibit democratic principle as a leader.
  • Students will exhibit the ability to visualize a group purpose and desired outcomes.