The Power of People Poem

The Power of People Poem
Event: The Phi Sigma Talent Show
November 14, 2013
by Rachel Aviles

We live in a world where business has more value than humanity.
We grow up telling our children, or any children, to be nice, and good, and honest.
And somewhere along the way we decide we have to grow up.
Then I don’t want to become an adult.
If growing up means making sacrifices, not for what I want, but what I think I have to do, I’d like to stay ten forever.
Because at the age of ten, it’s okay to cry when someone’s hurt your feelings.
But in six years, you’ll be laughed at.
And in six more years, you’ll be looked down on.
If growing up means I have to give up what I love.
I want to stay sixteen forever, and hold onto the one person who has ever made me feel loved.
If growing up means anything other than getting older in age, it’s not something I want to do.
In fact, lately, I despise it.
Because we all know you can’t stop time, and life will just pass you by.
But when I was told to grow up, I was thrown onto a highway and expected to maintain full speed.
And now I look back on memories and scream to go back to the time where I had not yet made any.
Growing up no longer means getting older,
Growing up has turned into this process of doing what you hate a living a life you’re not happy with.
Growing up has turned into looking out for yourself because that’s what everyone else is doing.
Growing up has become this stage of life that everyone will go through, and everyone will dread
And at the end of it you will accept that you had no choice in what just happened to you.
I will not grow up.
I will not work a job I hate to provide for my children that money and nice things are more valuable than spending time with the people you love,
People who matter,
People period.
Because the living breathing bodies that we pass everyday are far more valuable to this world than the tall gray buildings that cut across our sky and look down on us and say “don’t turn back. You’re almost there.”
And that’s all they will ever say.
Because no one will ever actually get where they are going because they are too busy growing up.