AALANA Mentorship Program

The mission of the AALANA Program is to assist first-year students in getting acclimated to a new environment while providing leadership, guidance, and support that present opportunities for our students social and academic development. AALANA is an acronym which stands for African American, Latino, Asian, and Native American. At Pace University, we understand that there are students of color who do not fit exactly into those rigid categories. With that said, when we say "AALANA," we've come to also include students of West Indian/Caribbean descent, naturalized African descent, as well as students from multi-racial and multi-ethnic backgrounds. 

The program was created in the spirit of building community among African American, Latino, Asian, Native American students and friends in order to secure academic and social success. Negotiating the differences between high school and college is often a challenge for first-year students, especially first generation college goers. Peer mentors are chosen and trained to assist their first-year peers in transitioning to campus life. Mentors meet with their mentees to offer strategies for academic and social success through discussions, both weekly and monthly individual and group sessions. Because of the close bond and relationship, first-year students are able to learn from the academic and social experiences of successful AALANA students and mentors. This program also provides first-year students the opportunity to connect with professional staff and faculty members.

AALANA first-year students benefit from programming designed to facilitate managing any challenges that they may encounter such as: roommate issues, managing academic and personal pressures, meeting people on campus, balancing finances, navigating through the array of opportunities that Pace provides.

Program Requirements
Participation in the program is optional. Students who wish to participate in the AALANA Mentorship Program are required to attend meetings as well as all AALANA Mentorship Programming.