All Deliberate Speed - Charles J. Olgetree, Jr. 


The Construction os Social Reality - John R. Searle


The Culture of Fear: Why Americans are afraid of the wrong things - Barry Glassner


Democracy Matter - Cornel West


Gay Dads: A celebration of Fatherhood - David Strah


Invisible Man - Ralph Ellison


Let's Get Free: A Hip-Hop Theory of Justice - Paul Butler


Lies Across America - James W. Loewen


Part Asian: 100% Hapa - Portraits by Kip Fulbeck


Permanence:  Tattoo Portraits by Kip Fulbeck


Race Matters - Cornel West


Rainbow Boys - Alex Sanchez


Rainbow High - Alex Sanchez


Rainbow Road - Alex Sanchez


Reconsidering The Souls of Black Folks - Stanley Crouch & Playthell Benjamin


Song of Solomon - Toni Morrison