About Our Faculty

A dynamic liberal arts faculty that connects academics with the professional world
The Dyson full-time faculty is comprised of 230 accomplished scientists, scholars, artists, and practitioners, more than 88 percent of whom hold a PhD or equivalent terminal degree. Our faculty are world-class writers, scholars, and researchers who have had original books published, and articles published in respected journals across the disciplines. Many are noted artists whose works have been exhibited in major galleries in New York, across the country, and internationally. Our faculty, often cited by major media outlets, bring their professional experience into the classroom and provide mentoring and career guidance that help you achieve your career goals.

To learn more about their outstanding accomplishments view their profiles here.

Matthew Aiello-Lammens, Assistant Professor
Mary Alberi, PhD
, Associate Professor
James Albrecht, PhD, Assistant Professor
Prerna Arora, PhD, Assistant Professor
Hasan Arslan, Associate Professor
Susan Aston, Lecturer
Demosthenes Athanasopoulos, PhD, Director, Forensics Science Program; The Harold Blancke Chair of Chemistry; Professor

Edward Allan Baker, Lecturer
Sam Baruch, Lecturer
Charlotte Becket, Assistant Professor
Michelle Pulaski Behling, PhD, Associate Professor
Daniel Bender, PhD, Associate Professor
Emily Bent, PhD, Assistant Professor
Janetta Rebold Benton, PhD, Director of Honors College; Distinguished Professor
Susan Berardini, PhD, Associate Professor
Sarah Blackwood, PhD, Director of American Studies, Assistant Professor, Interim Program Coordinator for American Studies
Barbara Blumberg, PhD, Professor
Matthew Bolton, PhD, Assistant Professor 
Rita Bradshaw-Beyers, Assistant Professor
Meaghan Brewer, PhD, Lecturer
Harold Brown, PhD, Professor
Heather Bryant, Lecturer
Zafir Buraei, Assistant Professor
Anne J. Bynoe, PhD, Associate Professor

Jorge Cacheiro, MFA, Chair and Professor
Karen R. Caldwell, PhD, Assistant Professor
Luke Cantarella, Associate Professor
David A. Caputo, PhD, President Emeritus and Professor
Nicholas Catalano, PhD, Professor
Robert Chapman, PhD, Professor
Sheila Chiffriller, PhD, Professor
June Chisholm, PhD, Professor
Cosmin Chivu, MFA, Assistant Professor
Bill Coco, PhD, Lecturer
Kimberly Collica-Cox, PhD, Clinical Associate Professor
Jane Collins, PhD, Associate Professor
Gregory Colman, PhD, Associate Professor
Erika Crispo, Assistant Professor
Diane Cypkin, PhD, Professor

Zhaohua Dai, PhD, Director of Forensic Science, Associate Professor
Andriy Danylenko, PhD, Associate Professor
Jonathan Danziger, Lecturer
Jane Dickson, Lecturer
Kristen Di Gennaro, Assistant Professor
Martha W. Driver, PhD, Distinguished Professor
Edgar Ducasse, PhD, Professor
Ida Dupont, Associate Professor
Melanie DuPuis, PhD, Chair and Professor
Shamita Dutta Gupta, PhD, Professor 

William Eaton, PhD, Chair and Professor
Lee Evans, EdD, Professor

Lisa Farber, PhD, Assistant Professor
Lisa Fastenberg, PhD, Chair and Associate Professor 
Michael Finewood, Assistant Professor
Katherine Fink, PhD, Assistant Professor,
Margaret Fitzgerald, Associate Professor
Amy Foerster, PhD, Chair and Associate Professor
Joseph Franco, PhD, NYSLMHC, NCC, Professor
Ronald Frank, PhD, Associate Professor
Barbara Friedman, Professor

Antonia Garcia-Rodriguez, PhD, Chair and Professor
Lauren Gaul, Lecturer
Patricia Gloster-Coates, PhD, Chair and Associate Professor
Steven Goldleaf, PhD, Professor
Thalia Goldstein, Assistant Professor
Linda Gottesfeld, Professor
Daniel Greenberg, PhD, Director of Latin American Studies, Associate Professor
Paul Griffin, PhD, Associate Professor
Melissa M. Grigione, PhD, Professor and Director of the Environmental Science Graduate Program

Christine Hamm, PhD, Associate Professor
Kier Hanratty, Lecturer
Beth Hart, PhD, Director of the Center for Psychological Services; Professor
Brian Hastert, MFA, Lecturer
Lijun He, Assistant Professor,
Thomas Henthorne, PhD, Associate Professor
Susan Herman, Associate Professor
Linda Herritt, Chair and Professor
Nira Herrmann, PhD, Dean and Professor
Terence Hines, PhD, Professor
Charlene Hoegler, PhD, Lecturer
Gregory Holtz, Lecturer
Farrokh Hormozi, PhD, Professor
Stephanie Hsu, PhD, Assistant Professor
Sue Huang, PhD, Professor
Dawn Hudak, Lecturer
Lawrence Hundersmarck, PhD, Chair and Professor
Mark Hussey, PhD, Professor; Distinguished Professor
Matthew Hyatt, PhD, Assistant Professor

Katriina Ilves, Assistant Professor

Erica Johnson, PhD, Chair and Associate Professor
Ruth Johnston, PhD, Professor
Scott Jovovich, Lecturer

Adrienne Kapstein, MFA, Lecturer
Ghassan Karam, Lecturer
Sethu Karthikeyan, Assistant Professor
Sergey Kazakov, DSc, PhD, Professor
Michael Kazlow, PhD, Associate Professor
Robert Keegan, PhD, Professor
Marcy Kelly, PhD, Professor
Elizabeth Kemp, Lecturer
Graham Kindred, MFA, Clinical Associate Professor
Bette Kirschstein, PhD, Chair, Program Director and Associate Professor
Robert Klaeger, Chair and Associate Professor
Hillary Knepper, PhD, Assistant Professor
Peter Knopf, PhD, Professor 
Satish Kolluri, PhD, Associate Professor
Kelley Kreitz, PhD, Assistant Professor
Grant Kretchik, Assistant Professor
Nancy Krucher, PhD, Professor and Assistant Chair
Joseph W. Krumpfer, Assistant Professor

Iride Lamartina-Lens, PhD, Chair and Professor
Eve Andrée Laramée, Chair and Professor
Melanie LaRosa, MA, Clinical Assistant Professor
Jessica Lavariega-Monforti, Chair and Professor
Julie Lawrence-Edsell, Lecturer
Joseph Tse-Hei Lee, PhD, Director of Global Asia Studies, Professor
Angela Legg, Assistant Professor
Helane Levine-Keating, Professor
Shawn Lewis, Lecturer
Maria Luskay, Ed.D., Professor and Program Director, Master of Arts in Media and Communication Arts

Jared Manasek, PhD, Assistant Professor
Anthony Mancini, PhD, Associate Professor
Ellen Mandel, PhD, Professor
Andreas Manolikakis, Chair, Clinical Professor
Martin Marafioti, PhD, Associate Professor
Rebecca Martin, PhD, Professor
Maryellen Martirano, Lecturer
Augustine Mascuilli, PhD, Associate Professor
Jillian McDonald, Associate Professor
Alma McManus, PhD, Assistant Professor
Brenda McManus, Assistant Professor
JV Mercanti, MA, Lecturer
Rhonda Miller, Clinical Associate Professor
Eddis Miller, Assistant Professor
Seong-Jae Min, Assistant Professor
Mary Minnis, Lecturer
Elmer-Rico Mojica, Assistant Professor
Joseph Morreale, PhD, Chair and Professor
Barry Morris, PhD, Chair and Associate Professor
Walter Morris, PhD, Chair and Professor
Barbara Mowder, PhD, Director of Graduate Psychology Programs; Professor
Robert Mundy, PhD, Assistant Professor
Mary Ann Murphy, PhD, Director, Center for Community Action and Research at Dyson College; Professor

David Nabirahni, Professor
Meghana Nayak, PhD
, Associate Professor
Weihua Niu, PhD, Professor
Charles North, Poet-In-Residence

William Offutt, PhD, Professor
Allen Oren, Associate Professor
Ellease Ebele N. Oseye, Professor

Judith Pajo, PhD, Assistant Professor
George Pappas, Esq., Assistant Professor
Will Pappenheimer, Associate Professor
Robert P. Parks, PhD, Lecturer
Aditi Paul, Assistant Professor
George Picoulas, MA, Lecturer
Deborah Poe, PhD, Assistant Professor
Johna Pointek, Psy.D., Lecturer
Mitchell Preiss, PhD, Professor

Linda Quest, PhD, Professor

Yvonne Rafferty, PhD, Professor
Sherman Raskin, Chair of MS Publishing; Professor
Walter Raubicheck, PhD, Professor
Sid Ray, PhD, Professor
Nancy Reagin, PhD, Chair and Professor
Eugene Richie, PhD, Professor
Mark Rivieccio, Lecturer
JaimeLee Rizzo, PhD, Professor and Assistant Chair
Rostyslaw Robak, PhD, Chair and Professor
Joan Roland, PhD, Professor
Joseph Ryan, PhD, Chair and Professor

Ilan Safit, PhD, Assistant Professor
Roger Salerno, PhD, Chair and Professor
Roger Sayre, Professor
Richard Schlesinger, PhD, Associate Dean, Professor, Interim Chair
Joshua Schwartz, PhD, Professor
Amy Schwartzreich, Associate Professor
Gina Scutelnicu, PhD, Assistant Professor
Mohsen Shiri-Garakani, PhD, Associate Professor
Anna Shostya, Assistant Professor
Sebastian Smeureanu, BA, Lecturer
Shing So, PhD, Chair and Professor
Manuela Soares, Lecturer
K. Mark Sossin, PhD, Professor
Aaron Steiner, PhD, Assistant Professor
John Stokes, PhD, Professor
Daniel Strahs, PhD, Associate Professor
Wagner Suarez, Lecturer
Sonia Suchday, PhD, Chair and Professor
David Sweet, PhD, Lecturer

Geraldine Taiani, PhD, Professor
Tara Tamny-Young, PhD, Lecturer
Durahn Taylor, PhD, Assistant Professor
Leora Trub, Assistant Professor

Rita Upmacis, PhD, Associate Professor

Richard Velayo, PhD, Professor
Andrés Villagra, PhD, Associate Dean and Professor

Kamil Walczak, PhD, Assistant Professor
Ying Wang, PhD, Lecturer
Alfred Ward, PhD, Associate Professor
Ama Wattley, PhD, Associate Professor
Marilyn Weigold, PhD, Professor
Mark Weinstock, Lecturer
Ellen L. Weiser, PhD, Professor
Howard Weishaus, Lecturer
Emily Welty, Director of Peace and Justice Studies, Assistant Professor
Marie Werner, Ed.D., LMSW, Associate Professor
Maren Westphal, Assistant Professor
Jason Whitesel, PhD, Assistant Professor
Andrew Wier, PhD, Assistant Professor
Ruis Woertendyke, PhD, Associate Chair and Associate Professor

Nigel Yarlett, PhD, Director of Haskins Labs; Professor
Joshua Yarmish, PhD, Professor
Anastasia Yasik, PhD, Professor
Shannon Young, PhD, Associate Professor

Michele Zaccario, PhD, Associate Professor
Emilie Zaslow, PhD
, Associate Professor
Paul Ziek, ABD, Assistant Professor
Catherine Zimmer, PhD, Director, Film and Screen Studies Program; Associate Professor