Mission Statement

Through innovative teaching, a collaborative student-faculty learning environment, and an inclusive community of student and faculty scholars, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences fully engages students in learning in the liberal arts. Dyson College provides students majoring in the arts and sciences the depth and breadth they need to continue their studies at the graduate and professional levels or find employment in their field. Dyson offers all students a supportive environment where they master the liberal arts skills needed to succeed professionally and lead rewarding, intellectually and civically engaged lives.

Dyson provides the vital skills every student needs for success, including written and oral communications; critical thinking; leadership; creative analytic thinking that perceives connections among broadly based ideas; and a deeper understanding of global issues and diverse national and international cultures.

Dyson College’s learning philosophy results in graduates who can think analytically and creatively, understand ideas and issues contextually, communicate effectively, act responsibly in their community, and lead confidently in today’s global work place.