What Can I Do With This Major?

                    "The American Studies Major at
Pace University doesn’t just refer
to studying American History. With
five possible tracks to choose from--
from the American Arts to Law,
from Urban and Regional Studies in
New York to Civic Engagement and
Public Values--there are so many
possibilities. Personally, I chose
the individualized track since I also am
working on a Communication Studies
major and a Psychology minor, and
the American Studies major allows
me to fuse together everything I
want to study."
                    -Hayley Johnson ‘13
American Studies &
Communications Studies Dual Major

American Studies majors acquire many of the same skills which emerge in a traditional humanities or social science major, most notably analytical abilities and strong writing. Yet American Studies students also gain the ability to make connections between diverse fields and subjects, a capacity of self-direction, and the ability to apply their skills to a variety of contemporary professional fields, including: politics/government, economics, social work, education, publishing/journalism, business, psychology/counseling, law, digital and print media, non-profit work, theatre and the arts, and cultural institutions.

Internships in New York

The American Studies major provides a demanding challenge for motivated, independent thinkers seeking preparation for careers in a variety of fields:

    Public History
For more information, contact the Director of the American Studies Program:
Professor Sarah Blackwood, PhD
41 Park Row | Room 1504