Welcome to the Art Department at Pace University’s New York City Campus.
Our program enables students of Art and Art History to develop the potential to create original works of art and writing. We offer a diverse curriculum leading to a BA or BFA degree in Art, or a BA degree in Art History.

Our department supports the vital role of artists as participants in society and culture. Art majors incorporate concepts concurrent with the creation of form: painting, sculpture, photography, digital works, video, performance, installation, drawing, and mixed-media. The curriculum is designed for students to develop research, creation, and analysis to achieve specific goals and learning outcomes. Art History majors develop intellectual and intuitive skills to synthesize the content of classes into an integrated understanding of visual art practice. Small class sizes allow for a high degree of individual attention. New York City extends your classroom experience, with dozens of museums, hundred of galleries, and thousands of artists’ studios.

You will learn from our distinguished faculty of internationally recognized artists who will guide and challenge you in active learning environments. We believe that students learn best when developing thinking, questioning and creative fabrication skills simultaneously – integrating subject matter/media and expressive form. In studio courses, each student explores a broad array of materials, techniques and processes to realize content in inventive and innovative ways. In art history classes students are required to do research, study and analyze works of contemporary and historical art from around the globe, and to write research papers.

Pace has a partnership with New York City's renowned School of the International Center of Photography. Pace students can enroll in
innovative 3-credit courses in photography at ICP that compliment the curriculum in photography offered on the New York CIty campus of Pace

In Learning Communities, art and art history is linked with topics in other fields including literature, philosophy, business, or science. Our lecture and exhibition series brings noteworthy exhibitions, artists, and critics on campus.

Professional internships with galleries, museums, studios, publishers, and design firms expand your practical experience and enhance your career opportunities. Our students profit from work experiences at MOMA, Sotheby’s, Arista Records, US News and World Report, and MTV, among others. Every semester we offer Career Panels exposing students to opportunities in a myriad of art and design fields, including portfolio preparation, applying for graduate school, or installing an exhibition.

International study is available through an extensive list of Pace affiliated universities abroad, as well as departmentally sponsored trips to destinations like Berlin or London.

Lastly, Collage Club and  Gotham House offers our students the opportunity to become part of a social network of students with similar interests. Activities include trips to museums, films, and Broadway shows.

Did you know that Pace has two strategic campus locations? Find out more about Art degree programs offered on our Westchester campus.

For more information e-mail or contact:

Eve Laramée
Art Department Chair
New York City Campus
(212) 346-1896