The Actors Studio and the MFA

The Actors Studio
A Studio Where Creativity Can Flourish

Founded in 1947 by Elia Kazan, Robert Lewis, and Cheryl Crawford, the Actors Studio is a private space where actors, directors, and playwrights can practice their craft free from the pressures of the public world. Over the years it has provided a unique opportunity for artists to grow by offering a safe, closed, protected environment where they can experiment and stretch their creativity beyond all boundaries.

Admitting just 1,160 members over its 62 years, the Studio’s fame has grown in connection with the fame of its membership, who have received more than 150 Oscar, Tony, and Emmy awards.

The quality of the Actors Studio experience is guaranteed through its stringent admissions process and the efficacy of its “process,” which springs from the work of Constantin Stanislavski’s three historic books, An Actor Prepares, Building a Character, and Creating a Role; from the work of Lee Strasberg, who ignited the flame that has illuminated the work of so many compelling artists; the legendary works of Elia Kazan in both theater and film and from the generations of committed artists who have contributed to the continued development of this famous system. It is this “process” that informs the curriculum of the Actors Studio Drama School.

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