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Biology and health sciences are at the forefront of today’s headlines, from the environment to genetic engineering. Now is the time to be a part of the next generation of scientists who are tackling global warming, stem cell research, public health, and bioterrorism. No matter what field you want to pursue, Dyson College’s biology and health sciences programs will not only prepare you to enter the world of science, but also help you change it.

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BA in Biology

This course of study is designed for students seeking careers in such areas as science education at the primary or secondary school level, scientific journalism, scientific marketing and sales, or environmental and patent law. The BA degree provides a broader liberal arts background and the opportunity to take more elective courses than the traditional BS degree program.

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Pace University is #1. According to U.S.News & World Report's Short List, Pace is one of the top five schools in the U.S. for internship placement. That makes Pace the No. 1 school for internships in metro New York.

Career Opportunities

A BA degree in Biology can lead to careers in teaching, laboratory or field research assistance; health care or public health work; environmental conservation; scientific policy work for local, state, or federal agencies; pharmaceutical marketing and sales; science writing; and communication in newspapers, websites, magazines, television, and radio. With additional certifications and degrees, students may also become scientists, medical doctors, nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, physical therapists, optometrists, dentists, or veterinarians. Many Pace graduates command starting salaries of $53,200 or more—that’s on par with the country’s most selective Ivy League schools.

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