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The biology faculty in New York bring years of experience in teaching and scholarship to the college classroom. From formal classroom settings to the clinical setting to the research laboratory, students are able to fully examine the breadth of Biology, from molecular biology to ecology to health care.

Departmental Administration

Bill Eaton, PhD
Chair and Professor
New York City Campus


Marcy Kelly, PhD
Professor and Assistant Chair Biology, New York City Campus


Erica Kipp, MS
Adjunct Assistant Professor and Director of Laboratory Safety and Services
New York City Campus

Departmental Faculty

Zafir Buraei
Assistant Professor
  Erika Crispo, PhD
Assistant Professor
  Marisa Isaacson, PhD
Assistant Professor
  Marcy Kelly, PhD
Matthew Marcello, PhD
Assistant Professor
  Robert P. Parks, PhD
  Daniel Strahs, PhD
Associate Professor