Research and Internships

Qualified students are encouraged to participate as early as the sophomore year in the research conducted by department faculty in such areas as synthesis of bioactive molecules, development of intracellular probes, molecular modeling, biochemical parasitology, just to name a few. During the academic year students can pursue research (for credit) in the department as well as an affiliated research laboratory. Particularly well qualified students compete successfully for prestigious external fellowships from the Goldwater and Beckman Foundations, Pfizer Corporation, as well as the Dyson College Undergraduate Student-Faculty Research Initiative to support their research work in the department.Ä‚‚  Qualified students who complete a significant body of research work have the opportunity to prepare their research for presentation at a national or international conference.

Below is a list of just a few available internships for graduates & undergraduates. For further information, please contact the chair of the department, Dr. Nigel Yarlett at