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  Ellen Weiser
  Ellen L. Weiser, PhD
Chemistry and Physical
Sciences Department Chair

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry and Physical Sciences on Pace University’s Westchester campus.

We are committed to Pace’s tradition of excellent teaching, scholarly growth and service, while providing a warm and nurturing environment for our students. Our Chemistry and Biochemistry majors are certified by the American Chemical Society.

Pace University’s motto of “Opportunitas” is very important to us. We take it to mean that our students, upon graduation, will possess the critical and analytical thinking skills, the creative minds, scientific and instrumentation competency, and the specialized abilities to perform proficiently and confidently in the world of science beyond Pace. We not only aim to ensure students learn what they need to be successful scientists and citizens of the world of today, but also to instill in them the ability to learn how to learn, so that they can continue to grow with the ever expanding knowledge of the 21st century. Our graduates have an excellent rate of success whether they continue on to complete such advanced degrees as M.D. D.M.D. D.D.S., D.O., or Ph.D. or if they proceed to work in industry. Chemistry and biochemistry degree majors are always in great demand and have higher than average admittance rates in medical and other health related schools.

In our department, we remain abreast of the needs of our students and our society by revising and/or expanding our course and curriculum offerings. Interdisciplinary study is the new excitement in education and we have a few novel programs that combine a B.S. degree in Chemistry with a Masters degree in Business Administration or with a Masters degree in Computer Science. Our faculty expertise in both the areas of nanotechnology and environmental science has our advanced course electives developing in these areas. For those students wishing to pursue teaching careers in the sciences, we and the School of Education offer programs that lead to teacher certification in chemistry, physics, and earth science according to the New York State Department of Education Certification guidelines.

As our world becomes more technologically complex, we recognize the need for those individuals with expertise in physics and engineering. We offer a B.S in Physics and preparation in physics and chemistry that will lead to a bachelor’s degree in engineering with one of our partner schools – RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) or Manhattan College.

Recognizing that all students need a solid foundation in the physical sciences, our department provides a host of non-major science courses that will help advance the educational needs of nursing majors, computer science majors, criminal justice majors, environmental studies majors, as well as satisfying the general education core requirement in science. Several of our “gen ed” science courses are even available online.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the faculty by e-mail or even to contact us for a personal visit to the campus and the department.

Did you know that Pace has two strategic campus locations? Find out more about Chemistry and Physical Sciences degree programs offered on our New York City campus.

For more information contact:

Ellen L. Weiser, PhD
Chemistry and Physical Sciences Department Chair
Pleasantville Campus
(914) 773-3656