The Program

The MA in Management for Public Safety and Homeland Security Professionals is a 36 credit program which includes a required master’s project. The program is designed for a small, yet diverse cohort of students. Courses offered on a trimester basis-with a required one-day, eight-hour weekend residency (in person or via web conferencing) each trimester--makes it possible to complete the program in two years. The remainder of the coursework is completed online via our Blackboard online web program. This format is ideal for all full time working adults. Each new incoming cohort will begin with an online orientation. The orientation will cover topics on how to use Blackboard, library resources, and information technology services.
All residency sessions are held on Saturdays.  These days are indicated on the calendar located on the right side of this website.  Saturday sessions are held on Pace’s Pleasantville Campus or via Blackboard’s synchronous web video sessions (this will require you to have a web cam on your computer). Pace’s classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment. All rooms provide both wireless and wired connectivity to the Internet.
Throughout the program, Blackboard permits students to communicate with each other and faculty. Blackboard enables faculty to track progress and intervene as needed, and to provide information, ask questions, or make suggestions. When individual students have difficulty understanding a concept or analytical issue, they can quickly obtain support from faculty or other students. 

All students will be required to develop a master’s project. The master’s project is an assessment of your learning experience for your master’s degree.  It will consist of 12 chapters, one for each of the courses that are part of this degree program. A central focus of this Master’s Project is the development of innovative strategies that have the potential of making our communities and nation safe and secure.

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