Economics, History, and Political Science - PLV

Welcome to our department! Come and speak to any of our professors. We will help you tailor a program that is right for you!

We offer students in-depth majors in Economics, History and Political Science taught by an extremely knowledgeable and caring faculty. Because our three core disciplines are merged under one umbrella, in addition to our traditional majors, we are able to offer the opportunity to develop and study these subjects through a more interdisciplinary approach.  For example one can combine our courses to form new majors such as American Studies, International Studies, or develop a concentration in Diplomacy.  In addition to our BA and BS degrees,  we also offer a five year Masters in Public Administration  degree (MPA) and a six year BA/JD with our Law School, recognized as one of the best in Environmental Law.  These can be combined with any of our majors.  We believe that education is not only about accumulating a collection of facts, but rather learning tools that enable us to analyze and develop a profound understanding of global issues. What distinguishes our programs from others is a degree of flexibility not often found elsewhere.  This is made possible by close mentoring from dedicated faculty who will help you develop the course of study that best fits your intellectual curiosities and career goals. If you choose one of our traditional majors you will get in-depth insights that can only come from serious concentration in a discipline.  If, however, you are interested in a specific issue, such as the environment, energy, war, gender and/or racial equality, any one of our disciplines, whether Economics, History, or Political Science, can contribute to your understanding of these problems, but it is only when the full resources of our department are combined that a comprehensive understanding emerges.

So, consider studying: Economics, History, or Political Science.

Did you know that Pace has two strategic campus locations? Find out more about Economics, History, and Political Science degree programs offered on our New York City campus.

For more information contact:

Walter Morris
Economics, History, and Political Science Department Chair
Pleasantville Campus
(914) 773-3308