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From small business to Wall Street, from town hall meetings to global policy summits, the study of economics gives students the tools necessary to better understand the world we live in. The discipline complements many other areas of study including accounting, computer science, history, political science, law, psychology, sociology, and statistics.

We offer a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Bachelor of Science in Business Economics, as well as a minor in Economics.  The rigor of our major and minor programs gives students skills that enable them to compete successfully in an ever changing world and job market.

Learning That Inspires Your Intellect

BA in Economics

This degree program is ideal for students interested in the social sciences. It allows one to take a substantial number of electives, in consultation with their advisor, in related fields such as the environment; gender, race and class studies; economic history or whatever satisfies their intellectual curiosity.

This program prepares you for public sector employment, pre-law, or graduate study in economics, especially if combined with additional coursework in mathematics. It also enables you to combine economics with a range of disciplines, from accounting to statistics. Students will gain the knowledge essential for an in-depth understanding of complex current events and global issues that impact today’s competitive global marketplace.

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Students have an opportunity to gain practical, resume building experience through participation in Dyson’s award-winning Model United Nations team.  Students can participate in the Model United Nations’ competitions, where they are part of a team dedicated to learning how to create peace, justice, and security in the world. The experience simulates the United Nations, where students take on the role of countries, observers, and nongovernmental organizations to debate the most important issues facing the globe and acquire the skills of diplomacy, consensus –building, analysis and policy writing.

Dyson's Innovative Scholarly Faculty

The faculty of the department includes nationally and internationally recognized scholars, who are also engaging teachers, whether in the classroom or online. Their scholarship is evidenced by their numerous books, monographs, and articles published in journals, newspapers, and periodicals intended for general audiences. The department’s faculty members also present their research at international, national and regional conferences.


Each semester we offer students dozens of internship opportunities on the local, state, national and international level. Some recent internship experiences include:

  • The United NationsThe International Refugee Rights Initiative
  • The project
  • The Washington Center for Academic Internships and Seminars
  • American Civil Liberties Union
  • New York Immigration Coalition
  • International Center for Transitional Justice