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  Bette Kirschstein
  Bette Kirschstein, PhD
English and Modern Language
Studies Department Chair

Welcome to the Department of English and Modern Language Studies on the Pleasantville campus.

We offer Bachelor of Arts degrees in English, English and Communications, and in Film and Screen Studies, as well as minors in creative writing, literature, and Film and Screen Studies. Qualified students may take advantage of a combined BA in English/MS in Publishing.

Whether your interest lies in creative writing, literature, teaching, publishing, law, or film, you will be guided by our outstanding faculty who are scholars, editors, and well-regarded creative writers with diverse research interests and expertise. The intensive study of literature and writing is an excellent preparation for jobs in publishing and public relations, human resources, industry, education, and communications, as well as government and the not-for-profit sector. Our majors also provide strong preparation for graduate study and English, in particular, is a highly desirable background for the study of law and for other professions. Most students complete internships that allow them to explore career options and make connections that may lead to future employment.

You will have the opportunity to learn from prominent poets and writers who visit campus, gain editorial experience or publish your own work in VOX, our undergraduate literary magazine, and may gain hands-on experience working on The Paw Print, our undergraduate student newspaper.

Modern Language Studies
We have joined together the study of English and Modern Languages and Cultures to better reflect the realities of our contemporary global pursuits and interests.

The study of language and culture prepares students for a range of careers limited only by the imagination. International business and trade, diplomatic fields, teaching, the arts and many other areas are open to those who build the right set of skills and link those skills with an appreciation for different ethnic, cultural and linguistic experiences. The demand for individuals who are fluent in modern languages and international cultures is at a critical point.

English and Modern Language Studies faculty strongly encourage our majors to take advantage of our internship program and earn academic credit while gaining valuable professional experience. We also offer international travel and study abroad, civic engagement and service learning, and the option of independent study one-to-one with professors for qualified students.

Did you know that Pace has two strategic campus locations? Find out more about English and Modern Languages and Cultures degree programs offered on our New York City campus.

For more information contact:

Bette Kirschstein, PhD
English and Modern Language Studies Department Chair
Westchester Campus
(914) 773-3586