What Can I Do With This Major?

The study of literature and writing is an excellent foundation for careers in publishing, public relations, corporate training, human resources, advertising and marketing, television, radio and other media, teaching, and many other fields. An English major offers excellent preparation for graduate study and is a well-regarded background for the study of law and other professions.

What an employer says:
“English graduates are core employees that any Fortune 500 company wants. In order for a company to be successful in any industry, they need employees with strong English skills in every department.” Susan Collins, marketing executive, Virgin Mobile USA.

Occupational Opportunities
The study of English is a superb preparation for work in a vast array of fields, wherever skill in the production and interpretation of language is central, for instance in business, communications, or government and public service. Nearly one-third of English majors work in the education sector, and another third work as creative artists, broadcasters, writers, editors, journalists, or public relations specialists.

For some of the occupations listed below, such as speech therapist and curriculum planner, additional skills or related training are needed. Additional graduate study is generally expected for those occupations marked with an * on the following list.




Public Sector/Not-for-profit



Retail buyer


Technical writer


Ad writer

Legislative assistant

Events planner


Advertising sales manager

District Attorney*

Production assistant

Speech therapist*

Corporate trainer

Foreign service Officer

Drama critic

Curriculum planner

Public relations specialist

Social worker*

Writer for print media

Reading specialist*


City manager*

Art critic

Guidance counselor*

In-house editor/writer

Congressional researcher

Music critic


Corporate attorney*


Bookstore manager


Law librarian*

Speech writer

Web-content provider

College academic advisor


Peace Corps

Editorial assistant

College admissions recruiter


Non-governmental organization (NGO) worker

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