Film and Screen Studies Student Films


Name: Amy Fruchtman
Graduated: May 2012
Major: Film and Screen Studies
Minor: Creative Writing
Title of Film: Marker
Description: "Marker" is a short film that follows a student's life as she moves from a small town to the Big City to pursue her dreams. Her discovery of the city is shown through her eyes only as she explores her new home and her new passion for the moving image.


    Name: Brian Enciso
Graduation Date: May 2014
Majors: Film and Screen Studies and Mathematics
Title of Film: Denied
Description: A student on the way to class stops by a vending machine. Complications  arise, however, when she can't decide if she wants a snack or not.

Name: Joseph Tufano
Graduation Date: May 2013
Major: Film and Screen Studies with minor in Communication Studies
Title of Film: For The Love of Film
Description: For The Love of Film shows how film can have a great impact on our lives. This film is about a young man who has just lost his grandfather. After looking through his grandfather's possessions he discovers they had a common passion: a love of film.