What Our Graduates Are Saying

“Majoring in Film and Screen Studies was an invaluable part of my undergraduate education. The phenomenal faculty created a space allowing for a breadth of intellectual curiosities. I was able to explore questions of race and ethnicity that are the cornerstones of ideas I'll be examining as a PhD student at UMass Amherst.”

- Neelofer Qadir, Class of 2007

“Last summer I worked for an independent film company called Captured Time Productions. I saw and experienced hands-on how a film company runs, I worked closely with the producer coordinating the current project, and met a lot of wonderful people. I made some excellent professional connections, such as befriending an editor from Los Angeles, and the three months I spent there simply made me more enthusiastic about pursuing a career in film. In fact I’m going back for more—I’ll be interning at a film festival this summer.” 

- Carrie Szabo, Class of 2010

“The Film and Screen Studies program has so many cross-listed courses that it made a Double Major possible for me. While Double Majoring in Film and Screen Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies I was even able to add a Digital Art minor!”

- Alison Carella, Class of 2009

“The education I received in the Film and Screen Studies Program has allowed me to consider multi-discipline graduate programs such as Rhetoric, Women’s and Gender Studies, Cultural Studies, and even English Literature. By teaching me to think critically -- to say nothing of writing critically -- on film and visual culture, the program has aided me immeasurably as I begin the next stage of my education.”

- Erin Flaherty, Class of 2008