Welcome to the History Department on Pace University’s New York City campus.

A History Major lets you take interesting courses, pursue your own interests, and prepares you for a career after graduation, too!

We will stretch your mind and challenge you, while teaching you skills you can use in a variety of careers. History is a flexible major, which will allow you to experiment, explore, and take control of your education. We offer you many choices within the major with many electives to choose from. A history major can also be easily combined with many minors. The History Major offers a concentration in regional studies of Africa, Asia (China and Japan), Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Russia and Eastern Europe, and the United States.

The History Major is linked to graduate programs inside Pace, such as the Pre-Law curriculum, the Master of Public Administration, and the Master of Science in Teaching. Recently, we have added a spectacular new program called the Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies. We would also like to mention our co-operation with the Confucius Institute, now located on the fourth floor of 41 Park Row. We have a wide range of programs to offer you, whether you are interested in a minor of Classical/Medieval Studies, an internship in museums or public affairs, or a career in college teaching, you will find scholarly or utilitarian programs very much to your liking within our department. Majoring in History is the first step toward achieving an outstanding career of your choice.

Did you know that Pace has two strategic campus locations? Find out more about History degree programs offered on our Westchester campus.

For more information contact:

Patricia Gloster-Coates, PhD
History Department Chair
New York City Campus
(212) 346-1454